Archive of the month: monuments on paper

Design for a fountain by John Henning

The latest Archive of the month looks at early designs for a monument to the college's founder, Henry VI (1421-1471).

In 1826 a donor gave the college money to build a statue of Henry, and the college commissioned two of the most celebrated sculptors of the time, John Henning and Edward Hodges Baily.

Henning was famous for his miniature casts of the Parthenon frieze. He also carved reliefs for the screen at Hyde Park Corner and for the front of the Manchester City Art Gallery.

Baily sculpted portraits of famous people, including the figure of Nelson on Nelson's column, and provided many of the sculptures on Marble Arch in London.

The Archive of the month shows sketches from both men, and their ideas for a fountain as well as a statue of Henry VI. In the end, the college didn't accept any of their designs, and kept the money until 1874 when it accepted a design by Henry Hugh Armistead (1828-1905).

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5 March 2012