Postgrad composer's work performed at multi-storey car park

Peckham car park

Postgraduate composition student Kate Whitley is having one of her works performed tomorrow, Saturday 23 July, at a multi-storey car park in Peckham.

Kate is one of the leaders of the Cambridge University New Music Ensemble which, together with Bold Tendencies and Nonclassical, has organised the event. Bold tendencies is a project that promotes new sculpture, and exhibits on the top storey of the Peckham car park, whilst Nonclassical is a movement founded by Sergei Prokofiev's grandson that aims to bring modern classical music to non-traditional venues, like pubs and night clubs.

Tomorrow 102 musicians will play Kate's work, as well as Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. The concert is free and starts at 8pm. For details see the Nonclassical website. Richard Morrison's Friday Arts column in today's copy of The Times also previews the concert.

Kate has already had extraordinary success as a composer around Cambridge. Currently she is working with another King's student (Finn Beames) to raise enough money to take two of her operas - Bonesong and Unknown Position - to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. See the Bonesong website for details.


22 July 2011