Postgrad comes runner up in the Shine! awards

Kuong Ly

King's MPhil student Kuong Ly has come runner up in the British Council's Shine! awards.

The Shine! awards celebrate the achievements of international students and their contributions to life in the UK. To enter, you write a letter 'home' telling a family member, teacher or friend about your time in the UK, and how it has challenged and excited you. The competition is run across the country, and Kuong came runner-up in the East England region.

Kuong was born in a refugee camp near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and raised by parents who escaped the genocide in neighbouring Cambodia. The family moved to America, and Kuong graduated from Boston College before becoming a Marshall Scholar at King's.

In his letter Kuong talks about his adjustment to living in England and the differences of life at the University of Essex, where he completed his first graduate degree, and his life here at Cambridge. He also wrote about participating in the Bridge the Gap Walk, a local charity event, where he raised more than £2,400 for the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity.

For more information about the Shine! awards see the British Council's website. If you are interested in becoming an international student at King's, see the International students page.

14 April 2011