Phantom City comes to the Art Centre

'Bhodisattva' by Edita Gazibara


An exhibition called 'Phantom City' opens at the King's Art Centre this Sunday (15 May). The exhibition contains ten works by the Bosnian artist Edita Gazibara.

Edita lived through horrors of the seige of Sarajevo (1992-6) and later, as a postgraduate art student, found comfort and inspiration in Buddhist teachings.

The ten works in Phantom City represent the ten worlds in Buddhist philosophy. These worlds are symbols of the various experiences we go through in everyday life, such as anger, desire, humanity and learning (self-reflection).

The works are also inspired by the ‘ukiyo-e’ ('floating world') genre in Japanese art. This genre includes the woodblock prints of landscapes, the theatre and pleasure quarters made famous by artists like Hokusai (1760–1849) and Hiroshige (1797–1858). They try to express the fleeting beauty and impermanence of the world, which Edita Gazibara also attempts to capture.

The exhibition runs until 28 May. The King's Art Centre is on 'A' staircase in the Front Court of the college. Turn left and follow the signs as you come through the Front Gate. The Art Centre is open to the public 11am to 5pm daily and entry is free. For more details see the Exhibitions page.

13 May 2011