Dan McKenzie wins the 2011 Copley Medal

Dan McKenzie

King's Fellow Professor Dan McKenzie FRS has just been awarded the Royal Society's Copley Medal. The Copley Medal is awarded to scientists who have done outstanding work that has influenced both other scientists and wider society.

In his research, Prof McKenzie has applied techniques from geophysics and mathematical modelling to geological problems. He wrote the first paper on plate tectonics and later set out a theory of mantle convection that has influenced theories of planetary interiors. He also proposed a theory about sedimentary basins (parts of the Earth's crust that have subsided and filled in) that is used in the oil industry.

He was awarded the Copley Medal 'for his seminal contributions to the understanding of geological and geophysical phenomena including tectonic plates.'

For more details see the Royal Society website. You can find out about Prof McKenzie's current research on his department webpage.

20 July 2011