Head shave raises over £12,000 for charity

Nineteen students shaved their heads on Saturday and raised over £12,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. The day was organised by undergraduates Hannah Shackleton and Lotte Cutts as a show of support for their friend Kate McCutcheon.

Kate was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the beginning of the term, and is now undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy back home in Ireland.

Hannah said: 'It’s not like we can pop down the road and see her, so this is our way of supporting her.'

The head shave took place in the college bar, and in just a couple of hours the students raised an impressive £542 in collections. The great majority of money was donated online, however. You can still sponsor the students for braving the winter with shaven heads by going to their JustGiving site.

29 November 2011