Golgotha concert is critic's choice

Golgotha flyer

This Friday's performance of Frank Martin's Golgotha has been featured in The Guardian and The Times. The Guardian calls it 'a dark, fiercely concentrated work, with its own special integrity'. The Times has it as a Critic's Choice for this week.

BBC Radio 3's In Tune will also be discussing the oratorio this evening at 5pm. You can hear an interview with the conductor for the concert, Stephen Cleobury, and hear three of the soloists singing excerpts from the piece.

Frank Martin's Golgotha was inspired by a Rembrandt etching of the crucifixion, in which a light shines down on Christ, casting all around him in deep shadow. Martin's score similarly concentrates on Jesus, and uses psalms and meditations from St Augustine as well as text from the Bible.

The work was composed in the years after the end of the second world war and met tremendous critical acclaim. The American composer Henry Cowell remarked that it was one of those very few works that really deserves to be labelled 'great.'

Since then, however, the work has largely been neglected. This Friday's concert gives you a rare chance to see a live performance. For information about the concert and how to get tickets see the Easter at King's page.

18 April 2011