King's Fellow wins Bayer science award

Andreas Bender

Research Fellow Dr Andreas Bender has just won a Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award. This international award is bestowed annually in three categories: biology, chemistry and materials. Andreas won the chemistry category for 'the originality and quality' of his work.

He uses computer models to predict the effectiveness and adverse effects of potential new drugs. This helps screen out inappropriate drug candidates at an early stage, and saves researchers the time and expense of testing the drugs using more traditional methods, such as in vitro and in vivo studies.

The award comes with €10,000 prize money. For the full award citation see the Bayer website.

Andreas is a Lecturer for Molecular Informatics with the Unilever Centre for Molecular Science Informatics at the University of Cambridge. For more information about his research, see his department web page.

20 December 2011