Exhibition explores maps and stereotypes

'Colour coding Julien & Jasper' by Agnès Poitevin-Navarre

Colour coding Julien & Jasper

King's Art Centre is holding an exhibition by conceptual artist Agnes Poitevin-Navarre from 11 to 26 November 2011. The exhibition is called 'Fellow Artists - Fellow Muses', and it explores how maps and other artefacts can be used to undermine stereotypes based on gender, race and religious belief.

The exhibition features a new 'Proustian Map of Cambridge', which uses Cambridge residents' replies to questions like 'What is your greatest achievement?', 'What is your idea of perfect happiness?' and 'What is your most important life lesson?'. The replies are plotted on a map of Cambridge, revealing glimpses of individual’s lives and aspirations.

The idea behind this and other work by Poitevin-Navarre is to communicate a sense of shared wisdom and experience that transcends race, gender, class and age. It also celebrates the idiosyncrasies that contribute to our communities.

The King's Art Centre is on 'A' staircase, which is the first door on the left as you enter the Front Court of the college. The exhibitions is open 11am to 5pm daily, and entry is free. For more details see the exhibitions page.

7 November 2011