Students vote to keep Soviet flag

Soviet flag in the bar

King's students have voted to keep the Soviet flag hanging in the College bar. After two weeks of debate both graduates and undergraduates voted on whether to keep the flag as it is, take it down or 'change/alter/replace' it.

Results showed that 203 students wanted the symbol to remain where it is, 111 wanted it replaced with something else, and only 55 wanted it removed outright.

King's College Student Union (KCSU) President Juan Zober de Francisco said, "The fact that a clear majority decided to keep the hammer and sickle flag up as it is does not by any measure mean this debate is resolved. The last big debate about the flag was held five years ago. I'm confident that somewhere down the line - and most probably in less than five years time - there will be another debate about the flag."

The hammer and sickle flag has been hung in the bar since 2004, in response to vandals repeatedly painting the symbol on the wall. Some have found its presence offensive and distasteful, whereas others have seen it as a symbol of a radical tradition amongst King's students. Suggestions to appease both parties have included turning the flag upside down, removing the star, and changing the colour scheme to purple on white.

You can read more about the debate on the KCSU website.

19 February 2010