Restoration complete on the south side of the Chapel

South side of the Chapel

The newly-restored south side of the Chapel
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The restoration work to the masonry and windows on the south side of the Chapel has now finished. The work started in September 2008 over the south porch and moved eastwards along the window bays. The work included:

  • Restoring the windows. The glass has been cleaned and the iron bars that support the glass have been repaired. The bars had rusted, expanded and cracked the stonework that they were fixed into.
  • Cleaning the stonework. The stone has been 'conservation' cleaned, which is a gentle clean that removes dirt from the pores of the stone but is not abrasive enough to damage the 'face' of the stone.
  • Repairing or replacing sculptures. The animal figures and crowns on the buttresses have been restored. They had been damaged by acid rain, and two crowns and a dog had to be completely replaced.

The side of the Chapel overlooking the Front Court now looks fresher and brighter, and is finally free of scaffolding. Work to the adjacent Wilkins Screen is also drawing to a conclusion, and the work will move to the north side of the Chapel as funds are raised.

Eroded dog sculpture on the Chapel

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Scaffolding on the Chapel
New dog sculpture on the Chapel

The work is part of a £3 million five-year plan of essential restoration to the Chapel. Income from visitor admissions helps with running costs, but does not cover this refurbishment. Please consider becoming a Friend of King's to help the restoration work. Donations can be made online or by contacting the King's Development Office on +44 (0)1223 331313.

16 March 2010