New issue of King's Parade

King's Parade cover

The autumn issue of King's Parade is now out. This issue contains a special feature about how the Fellows of King's helped at Bletchley Park during Word War Two. A third of the High Table at King's worked at Bletchley, and played a major role in defeating the Nazis.

You can also read a feature about Prof George Efstathiou, the King's Fellow who studies the origins of the universe. Prof Efstathiou tells us how the Planck satellite could provide answers to simple questions about the universe, such as how the stars and galaxies were created.

As well as features, the issue contains the latest news about the Fellows, students and staff of the College. It also contains forthcoming events, and books published by alumni.

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This is the first issue of King's Parade under the new editor, Clare Lynch. For previous issues, see the King's Parade page.

4 November 2010