Exhibition of architectural sketches opens 12 June

A new exhibition of sketches by John Devlin opens at the King's Art Centre on 12 June. The exhibition includes 22 architectural sketches in a naive idiom. The sketches are done in pen, crayon, and pencil and describe fanciful expansions of King's College, Cambridge.

John Devlin was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He studied architecture at Dalhousie University and theology at St Edmund's College, Cambridge. His work explores general architectural principles, such as the effect of various size ratios in buildings, and specific problems such as the design of three-way bridges. He has published articles on the architecture of Cambridge.

The exhibition runs 12 - 25 June at the King's Art Centre. The Art Centre is on 'A' staircase, to the left as you enter the Front Court. It is open 11am - 5pm daily and entrance is free.

8 June 2010