Archive of the month: Arts and Crafts in Jerusalem

Jerusalem town plan

October's Archive of the month is a collection of photographs and sketches by Arts and Crafts designer CR Ashbee (1863 - 1942). In 1918 Ashbee was commissioned to prepare a plan for the reconstruction of Jerusalem after the First World War.

He moved to Jerusalem, took photos of landmarks of Jerusalem as they were, and sketched how they would appear in his planned restoration. He submitted a six-volume report including these images to the British military governor of Jerusalem.

Ashbee began putting some of his plans into practice. He opened a weaving and textile school, introduced Hebronese glass-blowers and tile makers from Turkey and Armenia, and began restoring the 16th century city walls. Disagreements with the religious groups within the city hampered his progress, however, and he resigned in 1922.

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5 October 2010