Teaching and Research

An increase in funds available for research would be directed to individual and collaborative research projects, Visiting Fellows, lectures, conferences and performances.

King’s Fellows and students have a distinguished history of research stretching back over many centuries. The collegiate nature of the University of Cambridge provides a unique context for this research, bringing together researchers from all subjects and providing unparalleled opportunity for cross-fertilization of ideas across disciplines.

The College currently has 130 Fellows, nine of whom are supported wholly by the College, and 14 Junior Research Fellows, the majority of whom are also fully funded by King’s. Funding in this area helps maintain the supervision system, the great strength of the teaching system at Cambridge, whilst allowing academics of all levels to produce world-class research alongside their teaching commitments.

Gifts towards Teaching and Research may also be used for:

  • Collaborative Research Projects
  • Visiting Fellows and Guest Lecturers
  • Conferences and Performances

We are always very pleased to receive donations towards general supervision support, as well as gifts towards specific subjects and for named Fellowships. A range of funds for teaching and research have also been established in memory or honour of an individual friend or Fellow of the College, such as The Bob Alexander Law Fund.