Title Pages

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The style and appearance of title pages in rare books vary enormously. Many of the earliest printed books, known as incunabula, did not have title pages at all. Whilst many simply display details of the author, title, publisher/printer and place and date of publication, gradually during the sixteenth century other aspects were introduced such as decorative or architectural borders, title-page vignettes or ornaments, printers' devices or emblems which are associated with the printer or the use of red ink alongside the black ink.

For more information, see R. B. McKerrow, Printers' & Publishers' Devices in England & Scotland, 1485-1640 (London: Bibliographical Society, 1949) and R. B. McKerrow and F. S. Ferguson, Title-page Borders Used in England & Scotland, 1485-1640 (London: Printed for the Bibliographical Society at the Oxford University Press, 1932).