November 2018
Entrepreneurship Prize opens for Business Idea submissions

21 January 2019
Deadline for one-page Business Idea submissions

By 28 February 2019
Unsuccessful entrants notified that their Business Idea was unsuccessful.

18 March 2019
Deadline for submission of supplementary information (4 pages).

By 9 April 2019
Entrants notified whether or not their supplementary information pages have received an award.

Winners invited to prepare a full Business Plan to present to the Entrepreneurship Panel during June 2019.

By 6 May 2019
Business Plan paperwork, presentation slides, and any presentation needs to be submitted for pre-presentation administration.

By 23 May 2019
Lyons Den presentation times confirmed with entrants.

June 2019
The Lyons Den: presentation of Business Plans to the Entrepreneurship Panel

By 27 June 2019:
Lyons Den entrants notified whether they will receive further funding (£20,000, £10,000, £5,000)

By 15 July 2019:
Winners to send in a general follow-up statement

By 31 December 2019:
Winners to send through a 6-month progress update statement

By 31 December 2020:
Winners to send through an 18-month progress update statement