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The College has organised a number of activities during the Chapel’s 500th anniversary year. And as we are not in the business of selling our buildings (see the news story), King’s relies on the support of people from around the world to fund restoration and maintenance of the Chapel and the day to day activities of the world famous Choir.

King's College Chapel is the most famous and recognisable building in Cambridge, and is of national and international significance. It is the home of one of the world's most renowned and best-loved choirs, whose distinctive sound is shaped by the Chapel’s acoustic and organ.

King’s College Chapel is also unique. Its life today reflects this both in terms of its strategic purpose and vision, and its day-to-day activity. In many ways the Chapel is like a cathedral, but it is not a cathedral. It is an integral part of a Cambridge College, which is a place of education, learning, religion and research, and a community that places no faith test on its members.

The Chapel was built 500 years ago as a place of prayer for a small community of scholars. It is still the spiritual home of the College, but it is also a place of learning, art, performance and of untold inspiration for the hundreds who find themselves within the Chapel every day of the year, the thousands who see its distinctive form on the cityscape of Cambridge, and the millions who share in Chapel life through radio and television broadcasts and the weekly webcasting of Chapel services.

A special committee oversees the works needed to keep the Chapel in proper condition and to fulfill the many functions and expectations placed on it day by day. Current and planned projects range from exterior cleaning to the improvement of lighting and sound recording, renovation of the organ and establishing an organ endowment, to the conservation of the stalls – a significant piece of renaissance art.

There is a wide range of funding opportunities available during this special year of celebrating the Chapel’s 500th anniversary, which will make a real difference to the active conservation of this world famous building.

The music of King’s College Chapel is as well known as the building itself, and depends on the continued provision of education for the 16 choristers at King’s College School, 14 Choral Scholars and two Organ Scholars, and the employment of a full-time Director of Music, a post considered to be the most prestigious choral directorship in the world.

To ensure the future of the sound of King’s we are actively seeking to endow the Choir and the Director of Music position . In addition, we are raising funds to help with the day-to-day work of the Choir.

Chapel Giving Opportunities

The Chapel welcomes gifts of all levels in support of its work. See the King's members website for more information on ways to make a gift.

Cleaning and Conservation

£2.5M North side stonework
£1M South side stonework, ground floor level
£500,000 East end
£200,000 Cleaning and gilding the gates
£100,000 Cleaning and repairing the organ loft, and some conservation of the stalls

Internal improvements, cleaning and conservation

Organ endowment £250,000 To provide a permanent fund for repair and maintenance of the Chapel organ
Sound Reinforcement £90,000 To allow people in the Antechapel to hear the spoken parts of the service and to enable the Antechapel to be used for lectures and plenary events
Recording system improvements £30,000 To enhance and upgrade the bespoke recording system used to record services and special performances for webcasts and recordings
Chapel Lighting: Choir stalls and performance lighting £20,000 feasibility study To improve lighting for use by the College choirs and for Ante-chapel performance and presentations

Services and outreach

Fund the King’s Voices, the Chapel’s mixed choir, for a year £25,000 To support the regular performances of the College’s mixed voice choir, King’s Voices, which is directed by Ben Parry.
Sponsor the development of an education packet about the Chapel for schoolchildren £10,000 To help provide improved educational material for the tens of thousands of children from around the world who visit the Chapel every year.
Chorister sponsorship for a year £5,000 Sponsor a Choristers’ additional educational expenses, such as the purchase of sheet music, singing and instrumental tuition, masterclasses, travel, and other educational opportunities.
Purchase music folders £2,000 To fund new folders used by Choristers and Choral Scholars in concerts and other performances, in the Chapel and further afield.
Sponsor a webcast £500 per webcast To support one webcast heard by thousands around the world, with special sponsor thanks recorded as part of the introduction and social media post.
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