The Chapel organ

The Harrison & Harrison organ in King's College Chapel is, like the College Choir, famous the world over. The organ case with gilded pipework, which surmounts the 16th century screen, is a striking feature of nearly every depiction of the interior of the Chapel, while the instantly recognisable sounds of the instrument have become inextricably associated with those of the Choir. 

East view of the organ

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Many of today's leading musicians have held the position of Organ Scholar at King's. The organ fulfils an important role in the religious and musical life of the College while also serving as an educational resource; as such it supports all of the College's statutory aspirations: 'education, religion, learning and research'.

Beginning in January 2016, the organ will undergo a nine-month restoration which will ensure it continues to function optimally for the next generation. 

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Organ Works CD cover

Organ Works (2015)

The Director of Music Stephen Cleobury released an album of organ music in May 2015. The recording is the first ever surround sound recordings of the great Harrison & Harrison organ in the Chapel of King’s College. See the news story.

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