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Activity: Papers of Rupert Brooke and the Neo-Pagans

Answer the following questions using the online resources described above:

  1. King’s College is not the only place in Cambridge to hold papers relating to Rupert Brooke. Where else can they be found in Cambridge?
  2. Find the repository page for King’s College Archive Centre on Discovery. According to this page, when are we open:

When he was at Cambridge, Rupert Brooke was part of a close circle of friends, which the writer Virginia Woolf and subsequent biographers called ‘The Neo-Pagans’. Members of this group included Jacques Raverat and his wife Gwen Raverat (née Darwin), Frances Cornford (née Darwin), Katherine Laird Cox (known as ‘Ka’ Cox) and the Olivier sisters, including Noël Olivier.

  • See if you can find where any of the paper of members of the Neo-Pagans are held.

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