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Tried and tested

In order to ensure that this resource would be both challenging and stimulating for its users, while being within the capabilities of students, we sought advice and feedback throughout the development of the website. This included liaising with Rupert Brooke scholars, fellow archivists, teachers and most importantly students. We did this in the following ways

  • Asking volunteers, aged 16 and 18, to create transcriptions and try the interpretation activities. They also carried out their own research in order to select items for exhibitions in our reading room, which have since been added to this website.
  • Discussing the project with other archivists, including the Group for Literary Archives and Manuscripts (GLAM).
  • Creating a smaller educational resource with My Learning, entitled Two 1914-1918 War Poets, as part of their World War One Centenary.
  • Hosting a school visit for GCSE students from a local school. During this visit, we distilled the website into a day of talks, an archive exhibition and interpretation activities.
  • Running a series of ‘residentials’ for A-level students. These provided students from the College’s link schools throughout the country (nominated by their teachers) the opportunity to spend an evening in the College and experience Cambridge life. They were given a similar programme to the GCSE students who visited, however they were also given talks from experienced archive-users, more activities and greater opportunities for dialogue.
  • Hosting a pre-launch event which took place on the 10 April, using the programme for the residentials but also offering the opportunity to select and view records as a reader the following day.
Students looking at a collection of archives
Students viewing an exhibition of the papers of Rupert Brooke during a residential.
Students discussing a collection of archives
GCSE students discussing their interpretation of the facsimiles in an activity pack, during a school visit.
Students looking at facsimiles of archival documents
A-level students using facsimiles of archival documents during an interpretation activity, as part of a residential, and discussing them with Dr Alisa Miller (guest speaker at the event).

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