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When answering these questions, consider what additional sources you would use to explore the subject more thoroughly

  • What were Rupert Brooke’s views on war?
  • Is The Soldier an example of First World War propaganda and was that Rupert Brooke’s intention?
  • Look at the drafts of The Soldier. What did Rupert Brooke change and why do you think he might have done this?
  • Mary Ruth Brooke’s translation of the letter Rupert Brooke wrote to Russell Loines includes a section which does not appear in The Letters of Rupert Brooke edited Geoffrey Keynes’ (from ‘It really was a very mild experience’ to ‘England is remarkable’). Keynes indicated the omission using three asterisks. What is missing if you only saw the Keynes version?

Take a look at The First World War Digital Archive, paying particular attention to ‘The Collections’ pages. Do you think Rupert Brooke’s experience of the Great War had been different to that of other poets such as Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon?

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