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Archival catalogues can be confusing at first so if you haven’t followed everything in this section, don’t worry! It can be easier to understand how archival catalogues work after you have explored them and tried to find a few items.

Re-read anything you found difficult and search the internet in order to look at a few interesting catalogues. You may also wish to look at our 'Online registers of archives and ‘hubs’' section.

When you feel ready, have a go at the following activity.

Find the following documents on Janus, using the hierarchy, keyword searching and/or the advanced search option. If you have the correct answer, an image of the document will appear (you can click to enlarge it).

  1. A professional group photograph showing Rupert Brooke, William Parker Brooke (his father, a schoolmaster) and Geoffrey Keynes (his friend), taken at School Field, Rugby School by George A. Dean, Rugby.
    Brooke class photo
  2. 'Are the playing at cards and the attendance at the theatre amusements consistent with the character of a clergyman?'
    Manuscript of a paper read to the Apostles.
    4 May
    Manuscript of a paper read to the Apostles
  3. A photograph of Rupert Brooke in costume as Stingo, in Goldsmith’s She Stoops to Conquer, performed at the ADC. Theatre.
    Feb. 1914. The photograph was taken by Hills and Saunders.
    Brooke in costume as Stingo
  4. Manuscript drafts of the poem The Soldier, written in 1914.
    Manuscript drafts of The Soldier

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