Simeon was elected Vice-Provost twice. When the Provost is away from College the Vice-Provost is ‘head of house’, with responsibility for discipline, ensuring progress of the Scholars, and managing the staff. Because the Provost made annual circuits of the College estates and was thus away for weeks at a time, this was not a trivial job. By Simeon’s time the Vice-Provost was paid over 44 pounds a year for holding the post.

The payroll sheet reproduced below shows that 10 shillings per quarter were paid to all the senior Fellows, plus 11.1.8 l.s.d. (plus salaries of associated staff) to Simeon for being Vice-Provost, plus the 0.3.4 l.s.d to which all Fellows were entitled once they were ordained priests.

Misbehaving Scholars and Fellows were admonished in proceedings attended by the senior Fellows and Officers, and Simeon was usually present at those proceedings occurring once he was eligible to attend. Common misbehaviours were being disrespectful to other College Members, being lazy, staying out all night, or not attending to studies. Unusual cases during Simeon’s time were a scholar who attacked a creditor in his rooms, and students who took wood from the Old Court buildings (the College moved to its present site beginning in the 1820s – prior to that the College occupied 15th century buildings situated northwest of the Chapel on what is now the Old Schools site) and built a bonfire in the courtyard.

Misbehaviour was usually dealt with by reminding the miscreant of the appropriate statute, confinement to quarters (except for lectures, commons, a bit of exercise, and attending compulsory Chapel) with at most one visitor at a time, and he had to be a Member of College. There was usually invocation of ‘such exercises as shall be appointed them’. One repeat offender did get ‘sent down’ - expelled - in June 1831.


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