A New Bridge

In Simeon’s day the bridge across the Cam was in the centre of the College site, not quite in a line with the arch of Gibbs’ building. That bridge had been built in 1627. During Simeon’s time as Second Bursar a survey of the old bridge noted that it was not safe. The College voted in 1818 to replace it. Simeon had recently moved into the room at the top of Gibbs’ building, above the arch, from the huge semi-circular window of which he enjoyed the view across the back lawn. He suggested that the view would be much improved if the bridge were situated west of the range of buildings just being erected on the south side of the Front Court. William Wilkins designed the new buildings, as well as the screen along King’s Parade, and Wilkins was chosen to design the bridge. It is the bridge you see there today.

The estimate for building the bridge on the old site was £2250. The builder estimated that building on the new site would cost about £950 more. Simeon paid £700 toward the total cost, which turned out to be a few pounds short of £4000. The bridge was completed in 1821.


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