This new online exhibition section is the quarterly successor to the Archive of the Month. Each term the exhibition will highlight a particular aspect of the history of King’s College. It will use documents from the archives, and discuss the context in which these documents were created.

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King's College Boat Club

An exhibition highlighting certain significant traditions and developments in the history of the King's College Boat Club.

October 2017

Charles Robert Ashbee (1863-1942)

C.R. Ashbee had a varied career and his achievements included architectural works, establishing the Guild and School of Handicraft and acting as a civic advisor in Jerusalem.

May 2017

Mothers of Kingsmen

The relationships between famous Kingsmen and their mothers.

January 2017

Edward Betham’s Livings

An example of a College living (Greenford Magna) and a noteworthy rector (Edward Betham).

October 2016


Loggan’s map showing the College site as it was when the Queen visited. (JS/4/7)

Gardens and Grounds

King's College gardens and grounds, including how they developed and how they have been used.

July 2016


1601 grant from the Queen to King’s College. (SAC/62)

A Royal Visit

What King’s College was like when the Queen visited in 1564.

February 2016


Simeon was a great walker. (KCAC/1/4/Simeon 2)

Charles Simeon

The Revd. Charles Simeon was one of the best-known preachers of his time, a Bursar and Vice-Provost of King’s College, co-founder of the Church Missionary Society, and influential to many Cambridge ministers and missionaries in his time.

November 2015

View of the organ, looking towards the Choir. (KCC/627)

The Organ

The organ and its importance in the Chapel.

October 2015

Boat crew from 1935

Amalgamation Club

The early history of the Amalgamation Club, which included the King's College Boat Club and the Reading Room (now Junior Combination Room).

June 2015

Photo of the Chapel vaults

Kings College Chapel: Up to 1515

The story of how the Chapel was constructed, from when the foundation stone was laid in the 1440s to the completion of the stonework in 1515.

February 2015

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