Estates records: Cambridgeshire

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Abington, Barrington, Barton, Cambridge, Chesterton, Coton, Cottenham, Coveney, Denny, Elmdon, Fen Ditton, Fen Drayton, Foxton, Grantchester, Haddenham, Harlton, Hatley, Isleham, Kingston, Little Shelford, Long Stanton, Madingley, Merton Hall, Milton, Pampisford, Shingay, Swaffham Bulbeck, Tadlow and Wimpole. Janus logo Part 1: Abingdon to Foxton
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If you are interested in viewing any of the documents from these estate records, please contact the Archive Centre to arrange an appointment. If are interested in a particular town or village you can also view records by estate name.

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