Origins of the choir

King's College Choir, July 1884
King's College Choir. [? July 1884]. Given by E.L. Reynell.

Henry VI expected that music should ornament the services in the Chapel, and stipulated that choristers should sing daily. As John Saltmarsh wrote, 'The Founder's Statutes were modelled on William Wykeham's statutes for New College, Oxford. The College was to consist of a Provost, seventy fellows and scholars, ten chaplains, six clerks or singing-men, and sixteen choristers, (King's College: A Short History, Cambridge, 1963, p.18).

Photographs of the Choir range from an image commissioned by W.H. Poole (Lay Clerk) taken after a service for the Choral Benevolent Association on 24 May 1873 to the annual photograph of the Choir for the academic year 1995/96.

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