The earliest estates

Smith survey
6" Ordnance Survey map of the Ruislip Manor Estate,
with property owned by the College shaded in pink. 1894. (reference: RUI/417)

In the two years between founding the College by Letters Patent dated 12 February 1441 and spring 1443, Henry VI had granted, in possession or in reversion, some eleven manors and alien priories and two appropriated rectories, as well as other property. In the next three years, he added another ten manors and priories, and three more appropriated rectories. Most of the College estates were acquired between 1441 and 1453, and were chiefly lands of the alien priories annexed to the Crown. Records of the manors passed to the College, and the records of 164 estates in 30 counties are held in the College Archives.

Records for Ruislip, Middlesex

Manorial documents: court rolls (1246-1677); rentals (c.1300-1593, 1838-89); accounts (c.1400-1613); receipts (mid C15-1590); surrenders (1567-1895); court extracts (1543-C18)

Estate records: early charters and deeds (late C12-1437); title deeds (1438-1914); leases (1452-1909); surveys (1565, 1872); terriers (1642-1750); valuations (1831); maps and plans (1750-1933); estate administration (1324, 1509-1911); estate correspondence (1590-1914); accounts (c.1400-1825); bonds (1311, 1313); timber (1314, 1508-1759); evidences (1831-88); estate miscellanea (late C15-1918); sale particulars (1882-1912); agreements (1886-1914); inclosure (1804-54); tithes (1259, c1300); legal papers (1347, 1490-1872); taxation (1909-12); schedules of documents (1707, 1778); 'History of Ruislip' (1930).

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