A map of West Gerardston

West Gerardston
John Lodge's map of West Gerardston, Wiltshire. 1 September 1656. (reference: CHA/117)

'A Survey or Mathematicall Description of the village or Libertie of Westgerardston, and places adiacent: Expressing all Landes, Meadowes downes Rivers, Highwayes, and other accidentall Occurrences'. This beautiful and detailed map is held among the records of the manor of Chalk, Wiltshire, which also includes Alvediston, Bower Chalk and Broad Chalk. It is important because it contains a list of copyholders with a 1663 endorsement from Chalk Prebend court baron verifying the map's content.

Records for Chalk, Wiltshire

Manorial documents: court rolls (1418-c.1690), rentals (1847-1852), accounts (1453-1498), receipts (1455-1545), surrenders (1648-1701), court extracts (1526)

Estate records: title deeds (1448-1862); leases (1476-1906); surveys (early C16-1900); terriers (early C16-1789); valuations (1586-1900); maps and plans (1656-1860); estate administration (1567); estate correspondence (1592, 1861-1907); accounts (early C16); estate miscellanea (1588-1844); inclosure (1813-1814); tithes (1846); legal papers (1490, 1507, 1565); testamentary records (1771-1788); benefice (1860-1925).

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