Seals and charters from Exeter

Bound charters
Charters relating to a grant of land to St James Priory, Exeter. 1198-9 and late 12th century. (reference: SJP/39-40)

Grant of Grendel land by Roger, porter of Exeter Castle, who held it from Richard de la Bushee, to St James Priory, Exeter. The seals of both men are appended to the double charter. The seal of Richard de la Bushee is a rebus on his name, and shows a bush. The archives contain many seals attached to charters and other documents, and they constitute a source of historical information in themselves, quite apart from their beauty.

Records for St James Priory, Exeter (including Tiverton for tithe records and Cotleigh for documents relating to wood)

Priory: Papal documents (1199); charters (?1122-1407); leases (1284-1402); Priors (1314-1418); receipts (1403-21); inventory (mid C16); legal papers (c.1200-1405); tithes (1225, 1928 and Tiverton mid C14-1409); miscellaneous (1928)

Manorial documents: court rolls (1457-1649, 1715); rentals (1522-early C19); accounts (1450-1503); receipts (1465-1589); surrenders (1599-1862); court extracts (1498-1571)

Estate records: title deeds (1444-1916); leases (1544-89, 1704-1915); surveys (1571/2, 1810); terriers (1594-1714); valuations (1825-1912); maps and plans (1714-1950); estate administration (late C15-1918); estate correspondence (1509/28, 1676-1911); accounts (1465-1848); sale particulars (1926); agreements (1859); tithes (1709-1846); legal papers (C16-1842); benefice (1853-57).

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