Admission as a student


Admission as a student: Protocollum Book 1500-78. Page 120.

The Protocollum Book records the admission of John Baker as an undergraduate on 14 August 1545 in the thirty-seventh year of the reign of Henry VIII, by the grace of God king of England, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, supreme head of the churches of England and Ireland. The names of the new students – Baker was one of eight – are noted in the left-hand margin, but the details of their age, place of birth, and diocese are recorded in the main body of the text. John Baker was eighteen years of age, born in Ilfracombe in the county of Devon and in the diocese of Exeter. His contemporaries range in age from sixteen (William Symcott of London) to eighteen. They are a geographically diverse group from counties as far apart as Shropshire and Norfolk, Dorset and Essex, and Cheshire and Middlesex.

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