Charges for copies of documents

Copies of documents held in the Archive Centre are provided at the discretion of the Archivist and are subject to UK Copyright law. For preservation reasons, documents bound into volumes and other fragile or oversize items may not be copied. We are also unable to copy unpublished material written by T.S. Eliot, or to provide copies of photocopies held in the Archive Centre as part of an archive collection (e.g. some items within the Charleston and E.M. Forster papers).

Prices are inclusive of VAT.


Cost for scanning with colour printout

  • 72 pence per image scanned (A4 size or smaller)
  • £1.50 per per image scanned (larger images up to A3 size)

Postage and handling charges

  • £3.90 for every £24 of order (or portion thereof) sent to the UK
  • £4.80 for every £24 of order (or portion thereof) sent outside the UK

Cost for scanning or taking a digital photograph, and supply of images electronically or on CD

  • (Applies only to photographs and documents out of copyright)
  • £1.80 per image PLUS £30 handling fee (up to 25 images)
  • £1.80 per image PLUS £42 handling fee (25 to 50 images)

How to order copies

To order copies of documents held in the Archive Centre, please contact the Archivist with the full reference numbers of the items you require and a full postal or email address. We will then send you a reproduction order form and a quote for the total amount payable. The order form should be printed out, completed and returned to the Archive Centre, King's College, Cambridge, CB2 1ST. Payment must be made in pounds Sterling by UK or international bank cheque, UK electronic transfer, international money order, international electronic transfers (with an additional £7.20 administrative charge inclusive of VAT),  or credit card (only for orders over £10).  The copies will be sent to the address given on your order form.

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