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Information for Freshers

Note: Please be aware that the dates below are provisional and information can change. 

Shortly after A-level results are published in the UK, all successful conditional offer-holders will receive a formal email confirming their place at King's. We will write to all students due to start their course in October with details of the practical arrangements for joining the College, accommodation etc. This information will normally be sent in early September. There will also be some forms to fill in and send back to us. Students who have opted to defer their entry will receive this information the following year.

Most 2023 freshers will need to arrive at King's at the end of September 2023. (WE WILL CONFIRM THE ACTUAL ARRIVAL DATES NEARER THE TIME. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT THIS DATE IS THE ACTUAL ARRIVAL DATE IN 2023, UNTIL WE HAVE CONFIRMED THIS IN THE FRESHER EMAIL.) There will be a small number of exceptions who need to arrive earlier e.g. those with instrumental award auditions, and those with Classics intensive Greek language classes. Week 1 (the beginning of lectures) will start the following Thursday (Cambridge weeks start on Thursdays).

We will be sending all information and by email. Once you receive your email, please read the information about joining the College carefully. There will also be some forms to fill in and return to us by the date stated in the communication. We are expecting for fresher information to be sent in early to mid-September and will make a note here when freshers communication has been sent. 

  • your UMS form if you took A-levels. A copy of the UMS Form will be enclosed with the information we are sending (where relevant). Note that we need the information on this form - please do not just send in copies of your results statement.

  • your online accommodation form (information about this provided in the freshers pack)

  • your health questionnaire - to be sent back by post (information about this provided in the freshers pack)

There may be further forms to fill in too so do read all the information carefully.



Useful Information

Before you arrive at Cambridge we advise you to read or re-read the documents for offer holders, which tell you more about the terms of admission to King's and the University. These include the rules and regulations governing undergraduate life at King's, student complaints procedures and disciplinary policies.

For some subjects, it may also be essential that arriving students do some preparatory reading before starting their course. You can find essential and advisory reading on the Reading Lists page below.

Preparatory reading for applicants who have already been given an offer, or prospective students thinking of applying.
You are strongly advised to read these documents which form part of the terms of admission referred to in your offer letter.

Freshers' FAQs

Why can't I have information before September?

On this page we have tried to put as much information as we can provide for freshers (the King's handbook in particular will answer a lot of your practical questions) but we do need to ask for your patience. Some offer-holders know well in advance that they will be starting at King's - exciting news and it is only natural to have questions. However, many students hold conditional offers and do not receive their exam results until mid-August in the year they start at King's. We need to wait until we have a confirmed list of freshers before we can organise things at this end. We write to everybody at the same time with the information you will need - that's the only fair way to do it and it's also the only way we could manage administratively.

We are, of course, happy to answer questions if you have a specific reason for needing to know something before September and the information is not included in the links above.

Is accommodation allocated on a first come, first served basis?

No. As long as we receive your online form by the deadline you will be at no advantage / disadvantage over other candidates. This means that there is no reason to worry if you take a bit longer to fill this in after receiving the information about accommodation, or if you are away for a few days and can't check your email.

Is there a freshers' week?

Yes! KCSU (King's College Student Union) organises a range of activities designed to help you meet people, get questions answered, settle in and try out some of the activities at King's. There are also meetings with your Director of Studies and the Senior Tutor, matriculation (when you officially become a member of the College and University) and talks to make sure you have practical information.

Does King's have College families?

Yes! You will be sent a letter from your College parent(s) who can be a useful source of information and advice before you arrive as well as helping you to settle in when you get here.

How do I join societies?

In Freshers' Week you will be introduced to the activities available in King's, and you can also attend the big CUSU Societies Fair. At this event, students from University Societies and Sports Clubs run stands so that you can go along and talk to them about activities you are interested in and sign up for their mailing lists.

Can I join a choir?

Any keen singers interested in singing in the College’s mixed voice choir, King’s Voices, can audition with the choir’s director, Ralph Woodward any time before the start of term. He is particularly keen to hear from singers with previous choral experience - the choir sings Choral Evensong each Wednesday during term in Chapel, preceded by a rehearsal on Monday, as well as touring abroad during the Lent Vacation and performing in concerts during the year - but anyone is eligible to apply. King’s Voices was founded in 1997 to give more opportunities for women to participate in the musical life of the Chapel and College. Please email Ralph on Ralph.Woodward@kings.cam.ac.uk if you are interested in applying. It may be possible to arrange a Zoom audition before you get to Cambridge, so the sooner you get in touch the better! 

I'm confused - I'm an A-level candidate and I thought we only had to send in UMS grades if we had missed our offers.

We need UMS scores quickly on A-level results day from applicants who have missed their offers, but we don't want everyone sending them then as it is a very busy time. However, we do collect the UMS grades of all A-level candidates before the September deadline.

When do the accommodation costs have to be paid?

Accommodation is charged termly on College bills, which are normally issued to students a week or two after the start of each term.

Is there any storage at King's for between terms?

Yes - we have trunk rooms for students on a short accommodation contract who don't want to take things home between terms. Students who choose a long accommodation contract keep their room between terms.

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