Entrepreneurship at King's

This is a tremendously exciting time for entrepreneurship at King’s.

In 2014 and kickstarted by generous philanthropy, the King’s Entrepreneurship Prize was established. It continues to encourage the development of entrepreneurial ideas and concepts, where creativity and knowhow can be converted into sustainable commercial and - even more importantly perhaps - social benefit.

King’s is also embracing entrepreneurship and business as academic disciplines in collaboration with the Cambridge Judge Business School - a new direction for the College. In 2020 King’s welcomed the second cohort of Masters students in Entrepreneurship and from autumn 2021 we will be admitting EMBA students

Giving people the space and freedom to do their best work, bringing great minds together to collaborate and exchange ideas, encouraging curiosity and creative thinking - these are all the hallmarks of King’s and part of what makes it so special.

King’s has always been willing to break new ground. Now we want to take that further. Fostering innovation is one of the four priorities of the King’s Campaign, and will be fundamental to our future.

Have an idea for a project, invention or initiative idea? Enter our annual Entrepreneurship Competition!
The King's Entrepreneurship Prize competition has run since 2014. Click through to learn more about the winners during this time
Upcoming and past entrepreneurship events can be seen here.  
Our year-long programme to support King's students wishing to follow a career in entrepreneurship and innovation.