Stories about Fellows and their research

King’s announces the winners of the Entrepreneurship Prize 2017, where two teams have won funding for their exciting business ideas

7 July 2017

Professor Oliver Hart, a former undergraduate at King’s College (1966), and a former Fellow of Churchill College, has been jointly awarded the 2016 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences, along with Bengt Holmström of MIT for their work in the field of contracts.

10 October 2016

Prof Matthew Gandy writes a new book, Moth, as part of the Reaktion Animal series.

1 June 2016

King's graduate, Dr Banu Turnaoğlu, was awarded the Sir Ernest Barker Prize for Best Dissertation in Political Theory.

13 May 2016

King's CRA, Dr. Maximilian Bock, is featured in a biodiversity conservation film series.

15 April 2016

Prof Ashley Moffett and Dr Francesco Colucci jointly receive an Investigator Award from the Wellcome Trust.

21 April 2016

Dr Charlotte Houldcroft publishes new findings about the time depths of infectious diseases.

12 April 2016

The HE Durham Fund is offering grants to undergraduates of the University of Cambridge.

18 March 2016

Dr Mark Ainslie attended Parliament to present his engineering research.

15 March 2016

Prof Robert Foley, along with colleagues, report new evidence which extends the history of warfare.

28 January 2016


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