September BMAT

If you are applying for Medicine at King's College, Cambridge, and you are interested in taking the BMAT on 9 September rather in the normal 2 November sitting, please ensure that you have checked the information carefully to ensure that this alternative option will work for you.

  • Not all candidates are eligible for the 9 September BMAT.
    Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing are offering this assessment date at around 20 assessment centres in the UK only. It is not possible to take the September BMAT outside the UK or in other locations, such as your school or College.
  • Although Cambridge University accepts the September BMAT, not all institutions do.
    If you are applying to other universities as well as Cambridge University, do check the information for other institutions before you register for a September BMAT to ensure that your result will be accepted at all institutions you are applying to. All BMAT institutions / courses accept results from the 2 November BMAT.
  • If you are applying for a September BMAT, you must register yourself.
    There are significant differences in the registration processes for the September and November BMAT.
    • For the September BMAT, candidates must register themselves online and the entry fee is £80 (eligible students can apply to have the entry fee reimbursed). Registration for the September BMAT closes at 11.59pm British Summer Time on 18 August (modified papers must be requested by 4 August).
    • For the November BMAT, candidates are registered by their school or assessment centre (they cannot register themselves), and the  standard UK/EU entry fee is £46 (£78 for rest of the world). Standard entry registration for the November BMAT closes at 11.59pm BST on 1 October (modified papers must be requested by 20 September).
  • You can only take the BMAT once (either in September or in November).
    The format of the assessment will be the same on both dates, but there are some differences in registration arrangements.

For further information about the September BMAT, please ensure that you read the Cambridge Assessment website. To return to information about applying for Medicine at King's, see Applying for Medicine at King's.