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MML and Linguistics Open Day - 11 March 2016

Lecture Hall during an MML open dayThe programme for the day will include introductory talks on both MML and Linguistics, sample lectures and tours of the MML Library and other facilities such as the Phonetics Lab and the Psycholinguistics Lab. There will be stands for each Department where you will be able to meet staff and students, and there will also be information available about the Year Abroad and the University Language Centre. The Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies will also be running an Open Day at the same time and information on combining MML with Middle Eastern Studies will also be available. Please submit a booking form to attend this event.

After the programme finishes at 16:30, King's College will be open for prospective students to attend an informal Q&A session on the application process - the college grounds will also be open for students to take a self-guided tour. We'll collect students from the Sidgwick Site and walk over to King's for 16:45. The session will end at 17:30.

Please see our Open Days page for other upcoming events.

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Friday 4 March 2016



I want to study Engineering homepage

Ary you interested in studing Engineering? As you know, you will need excellent maths and physics skills. is a website resource to help you to develop your abilities and compete for Engineering courses at top universities. It includes an A level problem index. Here is an example of a problem from the C1 section. See how you get on:

Sketch the curve y = 2x2x − 6, giving the coordinates of all points of intersection with the axes.

Hints, relevant hints and vidoeos (e.g. on how to factorise a quadratic) and a multiple choice answer are available.

Further information is available in the King's advice on maths and physics for Engineering.

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Wednesday 2 March 2016


A is for Aerotropolis

Outside Dubai Airport Dubai Airport - Credit: Fabio Achilli

'Aerotropolis' is a term introduced by John D. Kasarda in 2000 and refers to urban and economic developments centred around major airports. The airport becomes a kind of "airport city", a commercial hub much like a traditional metropolis, with a central business district and transport-linked suburbs.

If you're interested in studying Geography at King's, Matthew Gandy, one of our Fellows, recommends The Dictionary of Human Geography by Derek Gregory, et al., which outlines some of the key concepts and debates in human geography. The journal Nature is also a good place to find articles, such as this recent editorial which argues that environmental agencies must go much further in regulating aircraft emissions if they want to make a real difference.

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Friday 19 February 2016


Newnham College Subject Taster Days

Inside Newnham CollegeNewnham is one of Cambridge's women's colleges, along with Murray Edwards and Lucy Cavendish (for women aged 21 and over).

Newnham College Subject Taster Days are opportunities for young women in Year 12 to visit the college for a day, to participate in a range of academic sessions introducing them to university study, and to hear all about the admissions process to the University of Cambridge. Students also have the opportunity to meet and talk to current undergraduates in their chosen subject. There is no payment for the day and lunch will be provided free of charge, however students should arrange their own transport to and from the event.

  •    Biological Sciences - 8 March
  •    English - 23 March
  •    STEM Subjects - 7 April
  •    Archaeology - 8 April
  •    Classics - 11 April
  •    History - 14 April

The deadline to submit an application form is noon on Wednesday 24 February.

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Thursday 18 February 2016


Music Taster Day

Keyboard of a pianoCredit: Austin Kirk

The Music Taster Day provides prospective year 12 students with a taste of what life as a Music student at the University of Cambridge would be like. Students will  experience the teaching methods used by university academics and gain an insight into the facilities available at the Faculty of Music, whilst meeting students from across the UK. Days include a sample lecture, a tour of a college, a practical session and a talk including a Q and A session with current undergraduates.

The event will take place on Thursday 17 March 2016, and the day will run between 10.00am and 3.30pm.

The deadline for applications is Friday 26th February.

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Monday 15 February 2016


Gravitational waves detected 100 years after Einstein’s prediction

An international team of scientists have observed ripples in the fabric of spacetime called gravitational waves, arriving at the earth from a cataclysmic event in the distant universe. This confirms a major prediction of Albert Einstein’s 1915 general theory of relativity and opens an unprecedented new window onto the cosmos.

The gravitational waves were detected on 14 September 2015 by both LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) detectors in Louisiana and Washington State in the US. They originated from two black holes, each around 30 times the mass of the Sun and located more than 1.3 billion light years from Earth, coalescing to form a single, even more massive black hole.

You can read the full article here.

These findings will be discussed at next month's Cambridge Science Festival during the open afternoon at the Institute of Astronomy.

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Friday 12 February 2016


Christ's College Taster Days

A view inside Christ's college, cambridgeInside Christ's College, Cambridge

Christ's College are offering a one-day Taster Day in Law taking place on Tuesday 15th March 2016, and a one-day Taster Day in History & Politics on Monday 14th March.

The programme will include two lectures by Christ's Fellows (or other academics) designed to inspire and enthuse Year 12 students who are hoping to apply for a place to study at Cambridge or other top universities starting in the autumn of 2017. The Taster Day runs from 10.30am – 3.30pm and will also include a talk by the Admissions Tutor (with advice on preparing a Cambridge application), lunch, a tour of the College and the opportunity to meet current students. There is no cost to attend these events. Taster Days are open to UK students currently in year 12 who are attending State school and who will be applying to Universities for 2017 entry. Students must be nominated by their schools, with no more than two nominations per subject, per school.

The closing day for applications is 22 February.

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Friday 12 February 2016


Sutton Trust Summer School

Beside the river cam in summer By the river Cam in summer

Applications for the University of Cambridge’s summer schools – run in conjunction with the Sutton Trust – are now open.  Offering twenty five different subject streams across four weeks of July and August, these week-long residentials give students a real insight into what life at the University is like. The residentials are specifically designed to increase the educational opportunities of gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds - please check the eligibility criteria. All costs for the week (and travel to and from Cambridge) are covered, so there is a zero cost to participants.

More information about the application process can be found on the website. As well as covering traditional subjects, the summer schools also include a number of new topics that students may enjoy.  Details of these subjects can be found via the links below:

Applications are open until the 11 March 2016 and should be completed online through the Sutton Trust's website.

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Thursday 11 February 2016


What's a Language, Anyway?

Pile of booksCredit: Alan Myers

In a recent article for The Atlantic, John McWhorter considers the differences between a language and a dialect, and how linguists might distinguish between them.

"It turns out that it’s impossible to determine precisely where one “language” leaves off and another begins."

"The serendipities of history chose one “dialect” as a standard and enshrined it on the page."

"Is a dialect, on some level, unsophisticated, as if it doesn’t have a literature because it is unsuited to extended thought and abstraction?"

Read the full article online here. If you're curious about Linguistics, you might also be interested in:


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Wednesday 10 February 2016


21st Century Challenges

Disgarded plastic bottle

Credit: Kate Ter Haar

If you are interested in current environmental, social and economic issues, do look at the Royal Geography Society's 21st Century Challenges website, which brings together expert opinion, facts, videos and interviews and shows the importance of geographical research and approaches to key issues.

See, for example, this section on plastic pollution in the ocean - were you aware of the facts included in this page? What do you think of David de Rothschild's approach? What questions do you think are the most important when discussing plastic pollution?

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Saturday 6 February 2016



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