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Students playing water polo in kayak

Kayak polo at King's Funday

What is it really like to study at King's? We asked King's undergraduates to discuss their course and options, the teaching and workload, life in the College, what they do outside their studies, and how they found the application process.

The documents below give detailed and individual experiences of specific courses, but they are worth reading if you're interested in other courses too: they give a range of views about general aspects of being part of the King's community and how things work. 

This page is growing! So far, you can read about:

Aspects of College life

As well as finding out about studying particular subjects, the accounts above also give insights into lots of aspects of College life, so even where the student writing is not doing the course you are planning to apply for, you'll find out a lot about the College community here. For example, you might be wondering what students say about ....

You'll also find that the students writing have different interests and personalities, and that they've applied from lots of different places. So whether you're wondering about applying from rural Lincolnshire, OhioLancashire, Hackney, Hounslow, Sweden, Devon, Bromley or Darlington (to give a few examples), this may also be interesting!

Photo accounts


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Some things are best explained with a lot of pictures:

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