Student perspectives

Students playing water polo in kayak

Kayak polo at King's Funday

What is it really like to study at King's? We asked King's undergraduates to discuss their course and options, the teaching and workload, life in the College, what they do outside their studies, and how they found the application process.

The documents below give detailed and individual experiences of specific courses, but they are worth reading if you're interested in other courses too: they give a range of views about general aspects of being part of the King's community and how things work. 

This page is growing! So far, you can read about:

A typical day in the life of.....

King's College Student Union (KCSU) have collected short accounts written by current students of what it is like to study here. Do look at A Day In The Life Of.... and click on the subject you're most interested in, or start with Scott's general description of life as a fresher.

Photo accounts

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