Certificates and results statements to send to King's

King's offer holders are required to send copies of certificates / any detailed results breakdown you have received for all qualifications, grades and scores entered on the following forms during the application process:

  • UCAS form
  • SAQ
  • COPA (if relevant)

Documents which have already been sent to King's at any stage in the application process do not need to be sent again. This includes all documents sent as part of a transcript.

Which results does this include?

It is impossible to provide a comprehensive list as students enter a very wide range of qualifications, but the following list provides examples of the most common qualifications:

  • GCSE / IGCSE certificates (all subjects)
  • AS level certificates (all subjects)
  • AS level statements of results showing all UMS scores recorded on your application
  • A level and all equivalent qualifications
    • French baccalaureate
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma
    • Pre-U Certificates
    • Irish Leaving Certificate
    • US Advanced Placements / SATs
    • Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education
    • All other qualifications listed on our entrance requirements page
  • Extended Project Certificates
  • AEA Certificates
  • STEP Certificates
  • BTEC Certificates
  • City & Guild Certificates
  • Language Certificates
    • Cambridge ESOL
    • IELTS
    • TOEFL
    • DELF / DALF French Language Certificates
  • Graded Dance Certificates
  • Music Examinations (practical and theory)
  • Speech and Drama Examinations

If you are in doubt about whether you should send a copy of a certificate, please send it.

What if I've not yet received some of my certificates?


As many students hold conditional offers based on exams you will be sitting in the summer, this is not unusual. Please send all the certificates and results statements that you already have now, then send us the certificates you don't yet have after you have taken your final exams, when they are available. NB We are aware that it may take some time for certificates to come through.

Where should I send the copies of my certificates?

Please send them to King's Admissions Office - see the contact details. Many thanks!

What if I can't find a certificate or statement?

If your school is unable to help, please order another copy from the relevant exam board so that you can send a photocopy to King's. See, for example, the information from:

US College Board qualifications (SATs, Advanced Placements)

If you have US qualifications from College Board, it's best to send us photocopies of documents they've sent to you. Please don't try to register for King's to receive your results directly from College Board as they normally go to the central Cambridge Admissions Office (outside King's) and risk not getting to us.

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