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This page is for King's offer-holders who have met all the conditions of their offer.

Shortly after A level results are published in the UK (Thursday 13 August 2015) all successful conditional offer-holders, whether 2015 or 2016 entry, will receive a formal letter confirming their place at King's.

We will write to all students due to start their course in October 2015 in late August/early September 2015 with details of the practical arrangements for joining the College, accommodation etc. There will be some forms to fill in and send back to us. Students with offers for 2016 entry will receive this letter in early September 2016.

Most 2015 entry freshers will need to arrive at King's mid afternoon on Friday 2 October 2015. There will be a small number of exceptions who need to arrive earlier e.g. those with instrumental award auditions, those with Classics intensive language classes etc. Week 1 (the beginning of lectures) will start on Thursday 8 October 2015 (Cambridge weeks start on Thursdays).

Current notes for freshers

  • 2015 entry: The links and details below this box will be updated in September 2015 for 2015 entry freshers. In the meantime we have left the 2014 entry information on the page as it should give you a good idea of what to expect.
  • See the Frequently Asked Freshers' Questions.

Pre-King's (2014)

  • Please read the Frequently Asked Freshers' Questions
  • 2014 Cambridge Welcome Events: You may like to see if there's a Welcome to Cambridge event near you. These are held in late August and September throughout Great Britain,  in Northern Ireland, and in a number of countries internationally.
  • Information about joining King's was posted to freshers late on 20 August. By 5 September 2014 freshers were asked to send:
    • your UMS form (by post) if you took A levels. You can download and send this now (word format; rich text format) or a hard copy is enclosed with the posted information we are sending (where relevant). Note that we need the information on this form - please do not just send in copies of your results statement.
    • your online accommodation form
    • your health questionnaire (by post)
    • your finance form (by post)
    There may be further forms to fill in too so please read all the information carefully when you receive it.
  • Continue to read/prepare for your course - see the reading lists and the information we sent about joining the College.

Useful Links (2014)

Frequently Asked Freshers Questions

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Why can't I have information before September?

On this page we have tried to put as much information as we can provide for freshers (the King's handbook in particular will answer a lot of your practical questions) but we do need to ask for your patience. Some offer-holders know well in advance that they will be starting at King's - exciting news and it is only natural to have questions. However, many students hold conditional offers and do not receive their exam results until the third week of August in the year they start at King's. We need to wait until we have a confirmed list of freshers before we can organise things at this end. We write to everybody at the same time with the information you will need - that's the only fair way to do it and it's also the only way we could manage administratively.

We are, of course, happy to answer questions if you have a specific reason for needing to know something before September and the information is not included in the links above.

Is accommodation allocated on a first come, first served basis?

No. As long as we receive your online form by the deadline (5 September in 2014) you will be at no advantage / disadvantage over other candidates. This means that there is no reason to worry if Royal Mail are a day slower than you expect delivering your letter with the information about accommodation, or if you are away for a few days, or live outside the UK.

I'm confused - I thought we only had to send in A level UMS grades if we had missed our offers.

We need UMS scores quickly on A level results day in some cases and don't want everyone sending them then as it is a very busy time. However we do collect the UMS grades of all A level candidates, hence the form linked in the Pre-King's section above.

Is there a freshers' week?

Freshers' party

Yes! KCSU organises a range of activities designed to help you meet people, get questions answered, settle in and try out some of the activities at King's. There are also meetings with your Director of Studies and the Senior Tutor, matriculation (when you officially become a member of the College and University) and talks to make sure you have practical information. See a previous year's KCSU Freshers' Week timetable.

Does King's have College families?

Yes! You will be sent a letter from your College parent(s) (King's students in the years above) who can be a useful source of information and advice before you arrive as well as helping you to settle in when you get here.

How do I join societies?

Freshers' fair

CUSU Societies Fair

In Freshers' Week you will be introduced to the activities available in King's, and you can also attend the big CUSU Societies Fair. At this event, students from University Societies and Sports Clubs run stands so that you can go along and talk to them about activities and sign up for their mailing lists.

If you want to have a look in advance, see the Life at King's section and the University Societies and Sports pages. Note that while some websites are very good, many society websites are not kept up-to-date so it will be easier to find out about the activities once you are here and can talk to students involved.

When do the accommodation costs have to be paid?

Accommodation is charged termly on College bills, which are normally issued to students a week or two after the start of each term.

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