Applicants from Scotland

Map of the Fife region

We welcome applications from students who live in Scotland!

This page has a few notes for you. We hope that you'll find it useful.

Getting to know Cambridge

Although open days and other events are advertised, we realise that it is not always possible for students from Scotland to visit Cambridge / King's in person. Don't worry if this is the case!

  • If you're interested in applying to King's, we do our best to make sure that all the information you need is available in the online prospectus, and you can email us any time if there's anything that you want to ask.
  • To get a sense of the College, there's a map, and you can look around the grounds using our 360° virtual tour (click on 'Navigate the grounds' to see other parts of the College). Similar tours enable you to explore inside the Library and Chapel. The facilities section is also useful.
  • Many students make a successful application without ever having set foot in Cambridge / King's previously, and if you're worried that your school cannot offer much support, do read about applying with limited support or advice.

Events in Scotland

  • March (ish) -  there's an annual Oxford and Cambridge Student conference in Edinburgh, which is a good opportunity to meet students, admissions staff and academics from the University.
  • August / September - there is normally a Cambridge University rep at the Edinburgh, Glasgow and Forth Valley UCAS conventions (do check the list of exhibitors before each event on the UCAS website).

What is it really like?

King's bar

Amy is from Glasgow and has written a King's Student Perspective about her experiences of College life, making her application, and studying Engineering at King's. If you find this useful, do go to the  student perspectives page, where you'll find lots more of these accounts. If you read, say, five student perspectives in your subject and similar subjects, you'll get a very good sense of the reality of life as a student here at King's.

Applying with Scottish qualifications

We typically make offers on three Advanced Higher qualifications, requiring A, A, A.

If you're studying towards one of the Scottish Baccalaureates, we would expect you to take three Advanced Highers as part of it.

We advise you to email us for further information if you are having difficulties taking three subjects at Advanced Higher level. We are aware that this is not possible at all schools.

Subject Choices

Some of our courses require specific subjects or combinations of subjects. Do consult the relevant subject page (see the 'Applying for...' section), and the advice about choosing school subjects.

Admissions assessments

Don't forget to check if there is a pre-interview admissions assessment for your course. If so, your school will need to register you for it by 15 October (or 1 October if you are applying for Medicine).

School Profile

If your school is following the Curriculum for Excellence, please could you ensure that your UCAS referee also sends a school profile to King's when you apply. This is to provide full information about the curriculum available at your school so that we can assess you fairly.

We are happy to receive school profiles by post (see our postal address) or as a scanned email attachement to . Please could your school ensure that your name, subject and UCAS number are written clearly at the top.

Some students will need to send a transcript

When you apply, you will need to send a transcript as part of your application if you have not taken five or more Scottish National Qualifications, or six or more GCSEs or IGCSEs in the last three years.

Information about sending a transcript is on the Cambridge Admissions website. The transcript can be submitted electronically via the SAQ form for students at school in the UK. You will receive an email with log-in details for your SAQ form after you have applied through UCAS. The deadline for your SAQ and transcript is 18:00 UK time on 22 October.

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