Extenuating circumstances

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King's was a founding participant in the creation of an additional form for candidates from disadvantaged or disrupted educational backgrounds. Admission to King's is strictly based on academic promise. For students who have had their education disadvantaged or disrupted in some way, however, the Extenuating Circumstances Form provides additional context against which we can consider a candidate's academic record or, where appropriate, interview performance.

Circumstances covered by this form include, but are not limited to:

  • a serious, acute or chronic medical condition (especially since the age of 14) which caused significant educational disruption
  • significant caring responsibilities, or recent bereavement or serious illness within close family
  • living independently of the family (estranged students)
  • any kind of serious disruption due to adverse family circumstances
  • serious disruption to educational provision at school/college
  • where the applicant has been the victim of a serious crime
  • other circumstances where serious disruption has occurred – the school/college, doctor or social worker is welcome to contact a College admissions office to discuss an applicant's particular circumstances

This form must be submitted by the applicant's school or college. Further enquiries about the Extenuating Circumstances Form are best initiated by teachers rather than by individual applicants or parents. In rare cases where the applicant's school is unaware of the circumstances, a doctor or social worker may validate the form on the applicant's behalf.

The submission of an Extenuating Circumstances Form will in no way disadvantage an application. If in doubt, we would accordingly encourage its submission.

Download the Extenuating Circumstances Form:

Extenuating Circumstances that relate to a disability or long term illness

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If your Extenuating Circumstances relate to a disability, Specific Learning Difficulty or long-term illness, you may receive extra time or other special arrangements to ensure that you are assessed fairly in exams at school.

As long as you are able to send the appropriate documents, you will normally be entitled to equivalent arrangements if you are invited for interviews and tests at King's. If you think that this is relevant to you, please read the King's disability, Specific Learning Difficulty and long-term illness information and step-by-step guide.

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