What support will I need from my school?

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You may find that not all of the information on this page is relevant for the subject you are applying for.

The information on this page should be read in combination with the details of how to apply and when to apply as an international student.

If you are an international student applying to King's College, Cambridge, you will need your school's support in a number of aspects of the application process. This page sets out the aspects of the process that your school will need to be involved in.

Pre-interview written assessment

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We look at pre-interview assessment results in the context of your whole application.

Some courses require candidates to sit a pre-interview written assessment in early November.

Most schools and colleges are either already authorised centres or can easily become one, so if your course requires a pre-interview written assessment, do speak to your teacher/exams officer to find out if you can take the pre-interview assessment at your school.

  • If your school is not already an authorised test centre, they can apply to become one, even if you are the only person at your school who will be taking a pre-interview written assessment.
  • Your school will need to register you for your pre-interview assessment by 18:00 UK time on 15 October (or 17:00 UK time on 1 October if you are applying for Medicine).
  • You would normally sit your pre-interview assessment at your school on 2 November.
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If your school is not (and cannot become) an authorised centre, you can use an external authorised assessment centre in your country. You can search for these on the Admissions Testing Service website. If you have difficulty finding somwhere to take your pre-interview admissions assessment, please contact the Admissions Testing Service, who will do their best to help.

UCAS reference (all applicants)


King's Gym. Don't be confused by all the extra-curricular activites. Please tell your referee that you will be assessed on academic grounds so the reference should be about your academic ability and potential.

Your school will need to provide a reference as part of your UCAS application form.

The UCAS reference is written by somebody (usually a teacher or adviser) who is familiar with your current academic work and can support your application by commenting in detail about your achievements and academic potential.

Please explain to your referee that you will be assessed on academic grounds so the more specific they can be about your academic ability and potential in your chosen subject, the better.

It will not be possible to assess your application unless we receive a reference for you.

Predicted grades (all applicants)

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There is information about the timing of your application on the international students page. As you will see, many students apply to Cambridge in their final year at school, before they have taken their exams, whether this is the French Baccalauréat, the Dutch VWO, or another of the many qualifications listed on our entrance requirements page.

Your school will need to provide predicted grades for all exams that you have not yet taken.

  • The predicted grades are provided as part of the UCAS reference.
  • We will need predicted grades for each individual subject, as well as any overall grade or score for your qualification.
  • The predicted grades are simply an estimation of what your teachers think that you will achieve in each subject based on their experience of your work to date.

We are not able to consider your application if predicted grades are not provided so it is very important to ensure that your school is aware of this.


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Applicants to King's study in a wide range of qualification systems.

In most cases, international students need to provide a transcript as part of the application. This is a list of the exams you have taken since the age of 15/16 and the grades you have achieved. Your school will need to give you a transcript as a pdf. file so that you can save it on your computer and upload it as part of your application. Please see the transcripts page for full information.

Written work coversheet

Written work coversheet

Not all subjects require you to send written work.

You will see on the how to apply page that in some (but not all) of the essay subjects, we ask you to send us some examples of your written work after you apply. If written work is required for your subject, you will need to fill in a coversheet for each piece of work and ask a teacher at your school to sign and stamp it to confirm that it is your work.

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