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Interviews assess your academic potential for the course you have applied for. Credit: Marco Mikkonen

The information on this page should be read in combination with the details of how to apply and when to apply as an international student.

We interview most but not all students who apply to Cambridge. If you are at school outside the European Union, you will be asked on the COPA form where you would like to be interviewed if you are selected for interview. If you would prefer to have an overseas interview rather than travelling to the UK, we are happy for you to select one of our (limited) overseas interview locations. If King's selects you for interview, you will then be seen locally by a team of academics from Cambridge University on behalf of King's College.

If you are interested in applying for an overseas interview, it is essential that you check the following information on the Cambridge Admissions website:

1. Where Cambridge University will be interviewing this year.

The list of countries where we will be conduct overseas interviews is published by April each year. Please note that the number of countries where we can offer overseas interviews is limited. We are not able to offer interviews in every country.

For students applying in 2018 for 2019 or deferred 2020 entry, Cambridge University will conduct overseas interviews in Canada, China, Hong Kong, US 9remote) India, Malaysia and Singapore.

2. Whether you are eligible to be interviewed in your chosen location.

  • Canada interviews:
    • In order to be considered for an interview in Canada you must meet (or be on course to meet) the centrally-published entrance requirements including five AP exams or IB exams. In addition, candidates who have Canadian citizenship or are resident in Canada or at school / university in Canada will be given priority for interviews in Canada if there is not space to accommodate all students. Students from the US who do not have Canadian citizenship, and all students taking less than five AP exams, or Canadian qualifications only (please read the information carefully) may need to travel for an interview in Cambridge, UK if you are selected for interview but not given an interview in Canada.
    • Due to reasons of expertise in the Canada interview team, candidates applying for the following subjects with very specific technical requirements should apply for interview in Cambridge: Architecture,  Music,  Modern  and Medieval Languages, Classics, AMES.
  • Hong Kong interviews:
    • Only students who are domiciled, permanent residents, or at school / university in the special administrative region in Hong Kong can be interviewed in Hong Kong. Students at school in mainland China, including Shenzhen, should apply to be interviewed in Shanghai (note the early application deadline for interviews in PR China).
  • Applicants from other Asian countries:
    • Applicants from other Asian countries (such as Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Taipei, Thailand and the Maldives) are invited to apply to be considered for interview either in Singapore (if you apply by 20 September) or in Cambridge, UK.
  • Applicants from Australia, NewZealand or the Pacific islands are invited to apply to be considered for interview either in Singapore/Malaysia (if you apply by 20 September) or in Cambridge, UK.
  • Applicants for Architecture usually have to bring a substantial portfolio of artwork with them to be discussed at interview. In previous years very few overseas applicants for Architecture have been successful in gaining places: serious applicants for this subject are advised, if at all possible, to be prepared to travel to Cambridge for interview.
  • The University also advises applicants for Classics, History of Art and Music to apply for interviews in Cambridge if possible.

3. What the application deadline is for your interview location.

Application deadlines

If you miss the deadline for an interview location, you will not be able to be considered for an interview in that location.

Further information about the different forms and what you need to do to apply is available on our How to apply page.

China, Malaysia and Singapore - 20 September
Students applying for interviews in China Malaysia or Singapore must submit all of the following forms and documents by the times listed below on 20 September:

Canada, India, US remote interview scheme and Hong Kong - 15 October
IMPORTANT: please read the eligibility criteria before applying for an interview in Canada or Hong Kong

US remote interview scheme: We will only consider applicants for the following subjects for the US remote interview scheme: Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic; Architecture; Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Classics; Economics; English; Geography; History; History and Modern Languages; History and Politics; History of Art; Human, Social, and Political Sciences; Law; Linguistics; Modern and Medieval Languages; Music; Philosophy; Psychological and Behavioural Sciences; Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion. If your subject is not on this list, you can't apply for the remote interview scheme at King's and will have to come to Cambridge for interview. 

Students applying for interviews in Canada or Hong Kong must submit the UCAS form by the 18:00 (UK time) deadline on 15 October, and the COPA form and transcript by 18:00 (UK time) on 19 October:

In addition, we ask you to bear in mind the following points:

1. Would you be willing to travel to Cambridge?

We encourage applicants to tick the box expressing a willingness to travel to Cambridge for an interview if this is a possibility. Ticking this box will not decrease your chances of getting an overseas interview but it may allow us to interview you if an overseas interview is not possible.

2. Are your English language skills good enough for an overseas interview?

We expect overseas interview candidates to have a reasonable standard in spoken English at the time of the interview. As a guide, an overall IELTS score of 6.0 for sciences subjects or 6.5 for arts and social sciences would be regarded as a reasonable score at the point of application. For information, by the following August, we usually require international students who are not native speakers of English to sit the IELTS examination and to meet our English Language requirements.

3. The cost of overseas interviews

There is an interview fee of £140 (2016 rate) for those students who are selected for interview at one of our overseas locations. When you are invited for your interview, we will provide further information about how and when to pay this.

4. When you will take the Admissions Assessment for your subject

All courses have an Admissions Assessment of some kind. Whether your Admissions Assessment is taken 'pre-interview' or 'at interview' (for students who are selected for interview) will depend on the course you apply for. Please see the information about admissions assessments.

If there is a 'pre-interview' admissions assessment in your subject, it is essential that you register for this by 1 October (Medicine applicants) or 15 October (applicants for other subjects that require a pre-interview assessment) and the assessment itself will take place on 2 November (check the start times locally, as these can vary by country). NB. As the interviews in some locations are much earlier than interviews in the UK, for some overseas interview locations, 'pre-interview' assessments may take place after your interview! Please don't be confused or concerned if this is the case - your admissions assessment will still be considered by your Cambridge College along with your overseas interview report

If there is an Admissions Assessment that is taken at interview in your subject, this will be organised for you automatically if you are invited for an overseas interview, and will take place in the same week as your interview.

5. Do you know where to get more information?

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