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The information on this page should be read in combination with the details of how to apply and when to apply.

Candidates who are being / have been educated outside of the UK/EU are required to submit a COPA form as part of the application process. This is in addition to the UCAS form.

The COPA form and further information is available on the Cambridge Undergraduate Admissions website from early July and you can submit it any time when you are ready until the COPA deadline.

COPA information on the central website

The COPA form is provided and supported by the central Cambridge Admissions Office. The provide the details you need in the links below, as well as a useful Guide to completing the COPA.

What is the deadline for the COPA form?

If you are applying for overseas interview in China, Malaysia or Singapore:

By 20 September (18:00 UK time)

  • Submit your COPA and transcript
  • We recommend that you make sure that you are registered for a pre-interview assessment if relevant by this time.

By 20 September (23:59 UK time):

  • Submit your UCAS form (including the teacher reference)

If you are applying for overseas interview in Canada or Hong Kong, or interview in Cambridge, UK

By 1 October (17:00 UK time)

  • If you are applying for Medicine, register for the BMAT

By 15 October (18:00 UK time)

By 19 October (18:00 UK time):

  • submit your COPA and transcript

As long as you meet the deadlines, it does not matter whether you submit your UCAS form or your COPA form first. As UCAS does not open for applications until mid-September, many overseas students find it useful to work on the COPA (and transcript) and submit that first as the COPA form is available from early July and you can submit it when you are ready. If you submit your COPA form early, this will enable you to then focus on the UCAS form.

Help with the COPA

If you have questions or problems with the COPA form, please consult


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Please read the instructions with the COPA form very carefully - most international students must submit a transcript online via the COPA form too and will need to organise this in advance to have it ready. See the flowchart and the transcript page for details.

What next?

After you have submitted your COPA, you will receive an email within 36 hours with a COPA reference number.

After submitting your COPA and UCAS form, you will then be able to fill in the SAQ, a short form for which you will need to enter your COPA reference number and UCAS personal ID. Although only a short form for overseas students (most questions that UK and EU students complete disappear when you enter your COPA reference number), the SAQ links your COPA and UCAS applications together.

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