How to post things to King's

This page is for current King's applicants, to be read in the context of the Applicant Information 2018.

Admissions Office address

The address to send everything to (including written work, fee status, data protection and UMS forms etc.).

There are times in the application process when you will need to send things to us by post, including the UMS form, confidentiality form and your written work (if requested in your subject), both of which you are not allowed to send any way but by post.

If we have asked you to send something by post then emailed attachments or faxed copies are not acceptable (we will email you and ask you to send the item by post - sorry). If you are an international student, you must post the relevant items in time for us to receive them by the deadline.

Please get the postage stamp right!

First class stamps

One of these stamps is not enough for an A4 envelope. Credit: Leigh Harries

Please ensure that you use correct postage when you send things to us.

Within the UK, the postage price you need depends on the size and the weight of your envelope. A4 envelopes require LARGE LETTER stamps otherwise the Post Office will not deliver them.

If you are a UK applicant, you can check what postage is required on the Royal Mail website: 

Another option is to take your envelope to a post office, as there are machines / staff there who will be able to help. You can find your nearest post office, and check their opening times using the Royal Mail branch finder.

If you have more than one item, you can send them in the same envelope

You can send several items together in the same envelope. For example, if you are sending us written work, you can put your confidentiality form and UMS form in the same envelope.

Is there anything that shouldn't be posted?

You should only send things by post when you are asked to send them by post. All forms used during the application process include information about how to send the form at the end of the form.

  • Transcripts (if relevant) are sent via the SAQ, or via the COPA if you are applying from outside the EU (details)
  • If you have more than one transcript then you should include them all in the same pdf and upload them via the SAQ, or via the COPA if you are applying from outside the EU (details)

If you need confirmation that your envelope has arrived

If you require confirmation that we have received something that you have sent, there are three ways to ensure that your envelope has been received:

You could include a stamped, addressed postcard.

Brighton postcard

If you include a stamped addressed postcard, we will return it. Your postcard must have a UK postage stamp. Credit: color line

If you include a stamped postcard addressed to yourself, we will post this back to you to confirm receipt of your envelope. Note that due to the large volume of post being received, we cannot guarantee that we will post your postcard on the same day that we receive your envelope, so please do not be concerned if it arrives a day or two later than you expect.

International students: Remember that we will post your self-addressed postcard in the UK so the stamp on it must be a UK stamp. If you have a Visa or Mastercard, it may be possible to purchase UK stamps from the Royal Mail website (important tip - remember that we (in the UK) will be posting the postcard to you (outside the UK) so when buying stamps you must first select 'overseas' and type in your country).

You could arrange for special delivery
If you require immediate confirmation that your envelope has arrived or detailed tracking, please arrange for special delivery. The King's porters are happy to sign for post whenever it arrives. If a specific name is needed as well as the address, you may use C Schade, The Undergraduate Admissions Office, King's College, Cambridge, CB2 1ST, United Kingdom.

Local candidates could hand-deliver their work
Candidates who live locally are welcome to hand-deliver essays and other documents at King's Porters' Lodge if they wish. You must not bring your essays to the Admissions Office. Hand-delivered mail should still be addressed to The Undergraduate Admissions Office, King's College, Cambridge CB2 1ST.

We do not normally send acknowledgement emails

Due to the large amount of post we receive, we cannot send individual acknowledgement emails as your envelopes arrive. Sorry - this would be incredibly time-consuming and we want to send out your invitations to interview as fast as possible so we have to prioritise our time. Thank you for being understanding about this: you are helping us to help you.

We ask you to send photocopies rather than original documents. Once you have put the photocopies in the post, please do not worry about it further. Unfortunately, as there are a lot of you, we cannot answer lots of questions about whether envelopes have arrived. If you need confirmation, please read the details for if you need confirmation as well as the information below.

  • The UMS form, and other documents
    We will not send acknowledgement emails for UMS form, or for other documents you are sending. If there is something that we have not received from you and that we need, we would normally send you an email.
  • Written work
    For some courses, you are asked to send written work (details).
    We will email all applicants in subjects where written work is required shortly after the written work deadline passes. You will receive one of two emails - either we will email you to confirm that we have received your work safely, or we will email you to say that we have not received your work. In this case, we will then give you an opportunity to re-send it. You will need to act quickly when you receive our email, but there will be no disadvantage to your application.
  • Disability adjustment forms
    We will not send acknowledgement emails for adjustment forms, but we will email you after the deadline if we have not received your form, to request that you send the information.

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