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Arriving at King's

Arriving at King's

This page is for current King's applicants and is updated during the admissions period with answers to frequently asked questions. The more crucial page to be reading is the Applicant Information main page.

  1. General queries
  2. Subject-specific queries
  3. International applicant queries

General queries

What will happen if I submit my SAQ after the SAQ deadline?
Unfortunately we will not be able to consider your application if your SAQ is late. Please don't let this happen to you! We advise all candidates to avoid leaving the SAQ to the last minute, because if you have a problem it way be too late to do anything about it. The SAQ deadline is 18:00 (UK time) on 22 October 2017.

I requested adjustments due to a learning difficulty, disability or long-term illness. Will they be arranged for me?
Please read the step-by-step guide on the page for students with a learning difficulty, disability or long-term illness.

What happens if my written work, confidentiality form and UMS form is late?
We will put it in your application file when it arrives. We will continue to consider your application.

Is there anything I need to attend in addition to the things listed in my invitation to interview?
No. Your invitation to interview lists absolutely everything you need to attend and you may leave Cambridge after your last interview / test. There are no general information sessions or further interviews we've not told you about. If you've read your invitation to interview and the section for students invited for interview carefully, you have full information about what you need to do on the day.

My school have sent an Extenuating Circumstances Form to King's. How will I know that it has been received?
We can not normally acknowledge forms received, however we make an exception for Extenuating Circumstances Forms. In the case of Extenuating Circumstances Forms, we send a brief acknowledgement email to the person who filled in the form. They will normally receive this within two working days of us receiving the form (so do allow a bit of time). We will continue to accept Extenuating Circumstances Forms beyond 15 October and will put the form in your file when it arrives. If you have only just heard about this form, we recommend that your school should send it so that we receive it by 20 October.

What if I've made a mistake on an application form?
Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about mistakes in the electronic data. So the first thing to say is please fill in forms carefully. If you do find that you've made a mistake, please email us (remember: name, subject, UCAS number at the start) with details and we will print it and put it in your application file.

When are you likely to be interviewing for my subject?
There is a very provisional timetable in this section. This does not apply to students being interviewed overseas.

All questions about written work and admissions assessments / tests
If you have questions about written work and admissions assessments in your subject, the information is in the pre-interview notes for candidates in this Applicant Information section. There is also a separate page on Admissions Assessments.

I'm taking modular A levels. Will you look at my UMS marks?
Yes - see the page for A level candidates for more information.

Someone at my school is applying to Robinson College and she has been asked to....
It is irrelevant because you applied to King's. All information for King's applicants is in the Applicant Information section. Don't worry if people applying to other Colleges have slightly different instructions. As long as you've read the King's information carefully and follow our instructions, you will be fine. Sometimes talking to other Cambridge applicants can be more confusing than helpful!

Subject-specific questions

None at the moment.

International applicant queries

Stansted airport

London Stansted airport (actually closer to Cambridge than to London). Credit: John Lord (cropped)

I've received an invitation to interview in the UK but it has no specific date or times
If you have received a letter from Dr Flack in the post and think that you have been invited for an interview in the UK but don't have specific times and a date, please read the covering letter again (the page on white paper with your address on it) - you have not understood the letter. The covering letter explains what the other piece of paper is.

What if I will need a visa to come to Cambridge for interviews?
We posted a document to overseas (i.e. non-EU) students in early November. When presented with an interview invitation, this document will enable you to get a visa (see visa details).

I've received a letter about visas but I do not need a visa.
Please ignore the letter if it is not relevant to you.

When will I hear about interviews in Cambridge?
As we mention in the pre-interview notes, invitations are normally sent out in the second half of November. Please see: invitations to interviews in Cambridge for the list of subjects that have already been sent. We know that you need to hear as soon as possible and are working as fast as we can, but assessing applications, scheduling interviews and sending out information does take time - please do not send emails asking when you will hear as there is no further information that we can give you and time spent asnswering your queries is time not spent scheduling interviews and sending out invitations. See the current notes on this point - we need you to help us to help you.

I've had my overseas interview. Is there anything else to do? When will I hear the outcome of my application?
Please check the application process section for anything you still need to do, then see the decisions section in the Applicant Information.

Is it possible to be interviewed by skype?
We're afraid not - you must be available for interviews in person, either in Cambridge or at one of our overseas interview locations. You may find this information about interviews helpful in order to understand the importance of interviews.


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