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Arriving at King's

Arriving at King's

This page is for current King's applicants and is updated during the admissions period with answers to frequently asked questions. The more crucial page to be reading is the Applicant Information page.

  1. General queries
  2. Subject-specific queries
  3. International applicant queries

General queries

  1. What happens if my UCAS form is late?
    Unfortunately we cannot consider late UCAS applications under any circumstances. The UCAS deadline was 18:00 UK time on 15 October.
  2. SAQ: Is there a disadvantage if I don't fill in the additional personal statement question (question 7.1) ?
    No. The additional personal statement is for if you have something to add to your UCAS personal statement (often it is used to say something specific about your interests as they relate to the Cambridge course if you are applying for slightly different courses at other institutions). If you have already said what you want to say in your UCAS personal statement, there is no need to write anything in the SAQ additional personal statement box.
  3. SAQ: What are you looking for in question 7.3 about how I've kept up my interest in my subject?
    If you've not answered this question or not answered it fully in your UCAS personal statement, please provide the extra detail here. If you've already covered this in your UCAS personal statement, a brief summary is fine if you have nothing further to add.
  4. I've submitted my SAQ but I've not heard back from you. Have you received my application?
    After you submit your SAQ, you should receive an automatic confirmation email from the central office (normally within 36 hours) - please email the SAQ helpdesk if you do not receive this. King's will contact all applicants shortly after the 15 October application deadline to give you the link to the Applicant Information page (though the information is already there if you want to read it early).
  5. What if I've made a mistake on an application form?
    Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about mistakes in the electronic data. So the first thing to say is please fill forms in carefully. If you do find that you've made a mistake, please email us (remember: name, subject, UCAS number at the start) with details and we will put the information in your file.
  6. I don't know what UMS is.
    If you are looking at the Fee status, data protection and UMS form and don't know what UMS is, it's probably because you are not taking AS and A levels. The UMS information only applies to candidates taking AS and A levels. If you are not taking these qualifications, you do not need to send any document for this.
  7. I can't find my results statement showing UMS scores / I don't have a document showing my score for X module.
    If you are an A level candidate looking at the Fee status, data protection and UMS form and you don't have a document from the exam board, please either print out the relevant page of your SAQ and ask a teacher at your school to sign it, or ask your school to write a letter confirming the scores you achieved (with the month and year of each module).
  8. When are you likely to be interviewing for my subject?
    There is a very provisional timetable in the invitation to interviews in Cambridge section on the Applicant Information page. This does not apply to students being interviewed overseas.
  9. All questions about written work and tests
    If you have questions about written work and tests in your subject, the information is in the pre-interview notes linked from the Applicant Information page.
  10. If I post something to King's, how will I know that it has been received?
    Due to the amount of mail we receive at this time of year, we can't send email acknowledgements each time, however if you are sending us anything by post, you may find the guidance here useful (it applies to all mail, not only written work): written work page.

Subject-specific questions

Modern and Medieval Languages

  • Where do I enter which languages I am applying for?
    You will be asked for this information on the SAQ (or on the COPA if you are from outside the EU). For details of where these forms come in the application process, please see how to apply.

Natural Sciences

  • I've seen in the pre-interview notes that I need to bring a notebook or write-up of some experimental work/a field trip /project work if interviewed at King's. What exactly are you looking for? 
    It is entirely up to you - we have no specific requirements at all. Different schools around the world ask you to complete written work in the sciences in all kinds of different formats and for different purposes - they would all be fine. It could be a book of regular work you do to keep track of your experiment designs / results / thoughts on experiments you've done in class (even if it's just rough work) or it could be a specific project or write-up you've been asked to produce. If you never produce any written work at all for your science classes or you can't bring material for any reason, please explain this to your interviewers - there will be no problem.

International applicant queries

  1. Is it possible to be interviewed by skype?
    No - you must be available for interviews in person, either in Cambridge or at one of our overseas interview locations.
  2. What are AS and A levels?
    These are British qualifications - students sit A levels at the end of their final year at school. AS levels are taken the year before.
  3. I'm taking SAT tests. Should I ask College Board to send the results directly to King's?
    No. Please see this information on our transcript page.
  4. SAQ: I think I made a mistake because I submitted my SAQ without filling in all the questions
    If you are an overseas student and submitted a COPA, this may not be a mistake. When you fill in your COPA reference number on the SAQ, a lot of the questions will disappear because you have already given us the information on your COPA. Students who have submitted a COPA must also submit an SAQ, but do not fill in sections 2-7. For more information, please see page 7 in the guide.

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