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Arriving at King's

Arriving at King's

This page is for current King's applicants and is updated during the admissions period with answers to frequently asked questions. The more crucial page to be reading is the Applicant Information main page.

  1. Interview queries
  2. General queries
  3. Subject-specific queries
  4. International applicant queries

Interview queries

I have submitted an interview confirmation form but wanted to check if you have received it?
If you have received the automatic email then we have received your form. Please do not email us to ask. Many thanks!

How long will my test / Admissions Assessment last?
For students who don't have extra time, the Computer Science CSAT lasts 100 minutes. Other tests and Admissions Assessments last one hour. The duration of Music tests and the Architecture Admissions Assessment may vary a little. If in doubt, check for detail in the pre-interview notes for your subject or on the tests and Admissions Assessments page.

How long will the interviews last?
Interviews normally last up to a maximum of half an hour (normally they are a bit less). In Medicine they last up to 25 mins (normally a bit less). If you have a 'general interview' this lasts 10-15 minutes.

I've missed the deadline in my invitation to interview for submitting my interview attendance confirmation form. What should I do?
Please submit it now. This will be fine, but don't delay further.

I'm not sure if my form was submitted properly. Please will you check?
You will recieve an email when you submit your interview attendance confirmation form, or a meal / accommodation form. If you have not received the email, please submit the form again - as long as you receive the automatic email this time, there's no need to contact us. Please note that meal and accommodation bookings will close at 12 noon Monday 28 November.

I've missed the deadline in my invitation to interview for booking meals and accommodation. Is it too late?
At the moment, it is still possible to book meals (this will be fine) and to request one night's accommodation if needed (see the details on the form for who this is for). Please fill in the forms as soon as possible as booking closes at 12 noon on Monday 28 November. 

Can my parent or guardian stay in the King'a accommodation?
No. Parents and guardians must stay elsewhere. Information for parents and guardians is on the practical arrangements page.

Will the content of my subject interview(s) be academic?
Yes. For information about what to expect, we suggest that you read:

I requested adjustments due to a learning difficulty, disability or long-term illness. Will they be arranged for me?
Please read the step-by-step guide on the page for students with a learning difficulty, disability or long-term illness.

Is there anything I need to attend in addition to the things listed in my invitation to interview?
No. Your invitation to interview lists absolutely everything you need to attend and you may leave Cambridge after your last interview / test. There are no general information sessions or further interviews we've not told you about. If you've read your invitation to interview and the section for students invited for interview carefully, you have full information about what you need to do on the day.

What should I wear?
We do not mind what you wear to interviews at King's. We advise you to wear clothes that you will feel comfortable in. Some people come in jeans and a jumper, some prefer a suit. We are only interested in your academic potential and want you to be able to concentrate in your interviews.

UCAS Track does not show that I have an interview.
UCAS track will not update to say you have an interview. Don't worry about it since we're communicating with you directly.

I've received my invitation to interview by email but not I've not received the posted version (or vice versa)
You only need one or the other as the information is the same in both (we send it both by email and by post to ensure that everyone gets it somehow). One exception: candidates for Classics will receive additional information (maps) in the hard copy that we post.

What should I bring with me when I come for my interview(s)?
We advise you to:

  • carry a copy of your invitation to interview on you for your own information - it is essential that you know where you need to be when. Do also bring printouts of any further information that you want to have with you on the day
  • wear a watch (and check that it is set to the right time). You will not have access to your mobile phone during tests / pre-interview reading and we do not guarantee that you will be able to see a clock.
  • carry a mobile phone for if we need to contact you between your interviews (please ensure that you enter the number in UCAS Track if you did not write it on your application forms)
  • bring what you need to write with in your test or Admissions Assessment if you will have one (but paper will be provided). Most people write in pen but if you find it easier to work/write in pencil you may do so. Students in maths/sciences subjects may find a ruler useful. See the information about sitting tests for further details (e.g. important information for tests in Lecture Room 3, Sidgwick Site Lecture Block A).
  • read your invitation to interview carefully and bring anything else that is requested for your subject.
    • e.g. Architects must bring a portfolio, Natural Scientists (including Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences) should bring a notebook or write-up of some experimental work/a field trip /project work. Linguistics candidates should bring photo ID. These details are in the pre-interview notes.

Whilst I am in Cambridge for interview, may I have a guided tour of the College? May I attend a lecture in my subject? May I meet students studying my subject?
Whilst we hope that you will enjoy coming to King's for your interviews and will inevitably find out more about living and studying here, it is important to understand that the interview period is not an open day. We ran open days for propspective students last year, but during the interview period, the full focus of our Admissions Office and academics is on the assessment of candidates through interviews and tests where relevant (and if you have a problem when you come for interview, you will need us to be available to help). We cannot organise additional events and meetings. If you would like to meet students, please feel free to chat with them in the College bar, where King's students will be running an interview helpdesk, however do note that the students will not be able to offer guided tours on this occasion.

General queries

I've missed the fee status, data protection and UMS form deadline (3 Nov). May I send it by email?
No. Please send your fee status, data protection and UMS form by post (not by email), even if you are an international student. We will put it in your file when it arrives, and we will continue to consider your application. Please do not send us emails about the fee status, data protection and UMS form.

What happens if my fee status, data protection and UMS form is late?
We will put it in your application file when it arrives. We will continue to consider your application.

Can you confirm that you have received my fee status, data protection and UMS form?
Due to the large amount of post we receive, we cannot send individual acknowledgement emails as your envelopes arrive, and not even on request. Sorry - this would be incredibly time-consuming and we want to send out your invitations to interview as fast as possible so we have to prioritise our time. Thank you for being understanding about this: you are helping us to help you. If there is something that we have not received from you and that we need, we would normally send you an email.                                                                                                                                 

I can't enclose a copy of X document with my fee status form for Y reason.
In that case, please attach a piece of paper to the fee status questionnaire explaining the circumstances and remember to send us copy of the missing document if you receive an offer letter in January. Please do not send us emails about the fee status, data protection and UMS form.

I have a question about filling in the fee status, data protection and UMS form.
Sorry - we cannot help you with questions about late forms. At this stage in the process our priority is to do the work required to get invitations to interview out as fast as possible and we are not available to answer your questions. If you are struggling with the form, please fill it in to the best of your ability. If necessary, please attach a sheet of paper explaining what you are struggling with or what your circumstances are if you can't see how to include them on the form, and we will read this sheet when we read your form. If we make you an offer and have questions about your form, we will be in touch with you in late January. Please do not sent us questions about any aspect of the late form at this stage in the process, just put it in the post.

What if I've made a mistake on / missed information off my SAQ form?
Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about mistakes in the electronic data. If you do find that you've made a mistake, please look at the Guide to completing the SAQ to check the question and the format of the answer. Please then email us (remember: name, subject, UCAS number at the start) with only the question followed by the complete answer that you meant to give. We will print your email and put it in your application file. At this stage, please bear in mind that although we are happy to add information to your file, only information that is in your file at the time it is (or was) read will be considered.

What if I've made a mistake on my UCAS form?
Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about mistakes in the electronic data. If you do find that you've made a mistake, please email us (remember: name, subject, UCAS number at the start) with the question and the answer that you mant to give. We will print it and put it in your application file. At this stage, please bear in mind that although we are happy to add information to your file, only information that is in your file at the time it is (or was) read will be considered.

Someone at my school is applying to Robinson College and she has been asked to....
It is irrelevant because you applied to King's. All information for King's applicants is in the Applicant Information section. Don't worry if people applying to other Colleges have slightly different instructions. As long as you've read the King's information carefully and follow our instructions, you will be fine. Sometimes talking to other Cambridge applicants can be more confusing than helpful!

Is there anything else I need to send for my application?
Sorry - we cannot answer such questions. We have provided full information. We need you to read it and take responsibility for your application. If you are feeling worried about the application process, you might like to find a willing relative, guardian or friend to read the how to apply page and the Applicant Information with you, and check that you're on track.

Subject-specific questions

Modern and Medieval Languages

  • Will my interviews be conducted in the languages I have applied for?
    The interviewers will have read your application and will know what experience you have in the languages you've applied for. For languages that you are already studying for A level, IB Higher or equivalent, you would normally speak in the language for part of the interview. Please see the MML information in the pre-interview notes for further information.
  • Are we allowed dictionaries for the pre-interview reading?

Natural Sciences / Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences

International applicant queries

Stansted airport

London Stansted airport (actually closer to Cambridge than to London). Credit: John Lord (cropped)

I'm concerned about getting a visa in time for my interview, but I'm going to try. Should I fill in an interview attendance confirmation form?
Yes - please fill in an interview attendance confirmation form to say that you are coming. If you are not able to get a visa, please email us to let us know once this is certain information.

I've received an invitation to interview in the UK but it has no specific date or times
If you have received a letter from Dr Mody in the post and think that you have been invited for an interview in the UK but don't have specific times and a date, please read the covering letter again (the page on white paper with your address on it) - you have not understood the letter. The covering letter explains what the other piece of paper is.

What if I will need a visa to come to Cambridge for interviews?
We posted a document to overseas (i.e. non-EU) students on 31 October and 1 November. When presented with an interview invitation, this document will enable you to get a visa (see visa details).

I've received a letter about visas but I do not need a visa.
Please ignore the letter if it is not relevant to you.

I've had my overseas interview. Is there anything else to do? When will I hear the outcome of my application?
Please check the application process section for anything you still need to do, then see the decisions section in the Applicant Information.

I have missed the deadline for sending a fee status, data protection and UMS form.
Please download the form, complete it and send it by post now. We will put it in your file when it arrives. NB. Please do not send the form by email - we will only accept it by post.

Is it possible to be interviewed by skype?
We're afraid not - you must be available for interviews in person, either in Cambridge or at one of our overseas interview locations. You may find this information about interviews helpful in order to understand the importance of interviews.

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