Current FAQs

Arriving at King's

Arriving at King's

This page is for current King's applicants and is updated during the admissions period with answers to frequently asked questions. The more crucial page to be reading is the Applicant Information page.

  1. General queries
  2. Subject-specific queries
  3. International applicant queries

General queries

  1. Is it true that you can't apply to both Cambridge and Oxford in the same year?
    Yes! If you are interested in courses at both universities, you must choose between us before you apply.
  2. What if I've made a mistake on an application form?
    Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about mistakes in the electronic data. So the first thing to say is please fill forms in carefully. If you do find that you've made a mistake, please email us (remember: name, subject, UCAS number at the start) with details and we will print it and put it in your application file.
  3. When are you likely to be interviewing for my subject?
    There is a very provisional timetable in the invitation to interviews in Cambridge section on the Applicant Information page. This does not apply to students being interviewed overseas.
  4. All questions about written work and tests
    If you have questions about written work and tests in your subject, the information is in the pre-interview and interview notes for candidates on the Applicant Information page.
  5. How will I know when my referee has completed my UCAS reference?
    When your referee has completed your reference, you with both receive an email from UCAS, and you will be able to see in UCAS apply that the reference tick box has been ticked. It is essential to ensure that your referee completes the reference so that your UCAS form can be submitted on time. We do not consider late applications.

Subject-specific questions

None at the moment.

International applicant queries

Stansted airport

London Stansted airport (actually closer to Cambridge than to London). Credit: John Lord (cropped)

  1. Which should I submit first - the COPA or the UCAS form?
    It does not matter. You will need to submit both before the SAQ though. You must enter the COPA reference number (from your COPA acknowledgement email) and your UCAS personal ID on the SAQ.
  2. How should I send my transcript?
    Please see this information on the transcripts page.
  3. What if I missed the 20 September application deadline for overseas interviews in China, Malaysia and Singapore?
    You'll need to apply for interview in another location as we cannot consider late applications for these interview locations Please be careful with the eligibility information for other countries, however. See details on the overseas interviews page.
  4. Is it possible to be interviewed by skype?
    We're afraid not - you must be available for interviews in person, either in Cambridge or at one of our overseas interview locations. You may find this information about interviews helpful in order to understand the importance of interviews.
  5. Is it possible to apply for more than one course?
    No, but see the information about choosing a subject which includes information about the flexibility of our courses and changing courses between years.
  6. Does my referee have to provide predicted grades for every subject or just an overall prediction?
    We would like to receive predicted grades for every subject as well as an overall prediction.
  7. I've see that after submitting my SAQ, I have to send a data protection and UMS form by post but am worried that this will take some time from my country. May I send it early to ensure that it gets to you on time?
    Yes - of course! Although not all subjects require essays, you may find this information about sending essays by post useful, as it applies to all things you send by post.

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