Informal Meetings for Prospective Students

The river Cam

By the river in Bodley's court - the virtual tour of the grounds will help

Are you thinking of making an application to Cambridge, and would it help to come and talk to us at King's?

You may be interested in booking a place on an informal meeting for prospective students. It's nothing complicated - just a chance to meet an Admissions Officer and ask any questions that you have at this stage. We normally have a small group of students attending, and if you have parents or guardians with you, they are welcome to also attend (as long as you are happy with this!).

Where the group is four or more students, the meeting is normally followed by a short tour of the college, or if you'd prefer to walk around the grounds of King's using our self-guided tour, you'll be very welcome to. If you are looking for a more detailed visit, it would be best to book a place on the July or September open days.

Upcoming informal meetings:

  • Friday 10th May from 10.30am - 12.00noon 
  • Friday 7th June from 14.00pm - 15.30pm

If you're interested in attending an informal meeting, do send us a quick email to request a place, including the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your school
  • What qualifications you're taking at school (e.g. A levels, International Baccalaueate, Scottish Advanced Highers)
  • The Cambridge course you're interested in (if you're not sure yet, that's fine - just say so)
  • If you're from outside the UK, it would also be useful to know which country you're currently studying in.

Once we have these details, we'll then send you further information about the meeting.

We don't have rules about who can request a place at these meetings, but as guidance, we recommend any time from age 16, or the summer after you sit your GCSE (or equivalent) exams.

On the day:

....and if you are interested:

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