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The Dent Symposium: The Life and Work of Professor Edward J. Dent (1875-1957)

29 June 2007, Chetwynde Lecture Theatre, King's College
Organiser(s): Karen Arrandale

This cross-disciplinary conference discusses Dent's eclectic and important contributions to twentieth centure culture. Confirmed speakers include Prof. Iain Fenlon on "Dent and Alesandro Scarlatti", Dr Tim Cribb on "Dent and the Marlowe Society", Dr Karen Arrandale on "Dent and the Intenrational Society for Contemporary Music", Dr Valerie Langfield on "Dent and the 1911 Magic Flute"

Cultural Memory in Russia

18 April, 2007, Keynes Hall, King's College
Organiser(s): Dr Alexander Etkind

The themes of the workshop range from the politics of nineteenth century Russian memoirs, to the ghosts which appear on the fomer GULAG sites in Northern Siberia, to post-Soviet commemorative festivities. Theoretical issues of identity construction, political manipulations and the hard-soft distinction in cultural memory are recurrent subjects. Speakers include Boris Kolonitsky (St Petersburg), Irina Prokhorova (Moscow).

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